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  1. snort giggel indeedy.. hear komez da flyin vache……

    1. Congrats, noodle!
      Ai haz noe eye deer wat dis iz awl abowt! (sept it iz a Python moobie ref)

      1. holy cow…. vache sacrée merci annipuss.

        yups. french phort undur seige bye kingly arthur an silly companee catapulted cowz ovar da rampartz. veri silli visual ov flyin cowz.

      2. It ar a dee-rekt kwote frum “Monty Python an da Holy Grail”. Rite be4 dey sez “yur muther wuzza hamsta an yur fatha smelt ob elderberries”

        1. oh mai, hao inkredibleerood ov dem…… ohai dere iluvchocolate. dangernoodle hear.

          1. Ohai DangerNoodle!

        2. an awlsew jiss befoar dey chucks a cow ober teh wall.

  2. nao we wayts until nytfall, den leep owt uv teh rabbit…

    1. *royal facepalm*

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