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  1. Bofe kittehz sai at teh saem tiem: “Momma tawld me Ai wuz hur fabrit”!

    1. conga tyed mommaz boise annipuss.

      1. Thx, noodle – an u 2 awlso aswel!

  2. Now,nao hur likez u boff exaxtlee daa same.

  3. OhEgon!

    1. ohai dere iluvchocolate. ai bin watchin da critter rume sinze da scientwist kitties. foster dadd john iz such a luv. tinykittenz iz awlsew wundrus watchin. ahhhhh, kittenz bringz piece two mai sole.

      1. Yup. Dis how we keep frumgowin bernanners.

        1. an teh bois thurd burfdai wif partie comin riet up! ai luv tew sea awl teh pakijes an teh okkasional stroll-thru uf teh three starrs OhEgon, Rayray (aka Special Snowflake) and deer mama Janine. Sew glad taht Mrs an Mr Ghostie invitded us tew thare hoem sew wee kan sea dem.
          an FDJ….oohhh if’in ai waz mudch yungur… lived awn westist coast….well thare prolly wood bee wun uf thoes “keep 100 yards awai” cort ordurs….

          1. :lol:
            Mai nawt-sekond fostr fambly wuz teh Spice Kittens.

            1. mai nawt sekond waz teh Ghostbusters. ai waz rekoverin frum furstist nee sturjery an watcid avedlee, Mr. C wood walk bye an sai “whut yu gonna dew wen thay adoptid?” an ai wood wail “ai dunnoe!!!!”
              (an wich is wich inn tihs pitcher???)

              1. No eye-deer. Deys boff got teh crosst eyez at dis age.

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