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  1. runn four ur nine lifez. itz aliveeee.

    1. watt a wundrus purrplexed luk awn diz obnp kittehz faze.

    2. Congrats, noodle! U gottid a solo!

      1. fankiez.. ai wuz warshin grapez frum yestirdaze farmerz market an luyked ax da clok an rann inn az phast az ai cud. duz ur frendz thinkz u iz strane? myne due.

    3. ohai, noodle, and conga purrplexed kittehs on teh nawt seckond

      kitteh can nawt deside whether to activate ‘run and hide’ or ‘batbatbat’

      1. Fanks dere puddy_tat. Ai thinkz bat bat bat iz conin rite up.

  2. Gedditowtuvheer!

  3. Nise pikshur of “popcat” in mid-pop.

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