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  1. Ai haz a ‘tu tyred 2 moob’. Plz tu put fud in mai mouf!

    1. LOL at yer kaptin!

      Jack Jack bo Back
      Banana fanna foe Fack…

      1. Iz haow Ai feel 2dai! Ai haz a hongree but du nawt wanna hab 2 kukk sumfin!

        1. yeah ai gots taht, ai eet lotsa cheezie krakerz!

          1. An Ai maed a dubblol porshun uv risotto – needs constunt attenshun fur firtee minnits. Wuz gud tho an Ai hab a porshun in teh freezur fur nekst tiem Ai du nawt want 2 kukk!

            1. Sowns lyk a lot uv wurks!

              Hm. Wud ennywun hazza interested if I added a new forum category fur sharing recipes fur noms? We can has lotsa range, aifinkso. (My cookin am teh very basic an simplol, coz I gets bored eezy an deepreshun when hi makes me tyred an I usually gots limited munnies.) But we gots peeps whu be berry into cookin awsumly nommy stuffs that peeps mite wanna try? Idunno, any thinkings?

              1. Az much Az luv to heer wut peeplol are maeking, adn get moar ideers for mai own meels, Ai’m nawt shore if Ai cuud bother to taek teh thyme to type owt a hoal ressipee. (Ai havvn’t eggzactly masterred teh “cut, copy adn paste” fungkshun) Ai wood have betturr lukk listing a bunch uv ingredients with teh instrukkshun to “Goooglol it”.

                Butt(!) AI’d be moar than happy to reed other peeplol’s ressipees!

              2. I spose, “Here be a link, I do this, eggsept I duz this wun fing diffrint,” wurks alsotooaswell.

              3. Links wood be fine, butt(!) moast uv mine are just hand written things Ai pikked up along teh way. Mai “Googlol” comment came across roodly – Ai didn’t meen taht. Ai just ment “maybe yoo can find something similar online”.

              4. Did nawt take as rood… was just coz googlol tends tu have lebenty gazillions of hits on fings, so wifout sum spiffics, is hard tu know if enny ofem even be ennywhair near teh same fing! :-) Ennyway, nawt lyk there gonna be a rule, “Yu cannawt use a resipee unless yu contribyute wun!” or ennyfin. Trust me, nobunny wants mine!

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