By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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  1. Akchoolee, no, Ai du nawt… Plx 2 eggsplane!

    1. Ohai adn conga-winking-owlets, Anni!
      Ai duznawt know if yur request waz part of teh joke, but in case anybunny didnawt get Nennepus’s reference…

      (Monti Python Wink Wink Nudge Nudge sketch… slightly rude adn generally annoying! But funneh if wun is in teh rite mood for it aifinkso.)

      1. Thx, LD! Yep, Ai wuz joakin. Teh nujj nujj,wink wink iz an awld commediuns catchfraze to cubber ennifin a bit rood!

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