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Teh Four Yorkshirekittehs

Photo source unknown (ICHC) Caption by Bluesfan473

Photo source unknown (ICHC)
Caption by Bluesfan473

From Monty Python’s Four Yorkshiremen sketch, done in manymanymany versions (and in many-to-teh-elebentyth-power covers!) but substantially teh same. Best version I can find (keep in mind, towards teh end, is sum refrinse tu what mite be considered child abuse but so overdone-ridiculous-absurd-egzajerated, lyk teh rest uv this sketch that ai nawt finkso it should be a problem)
Classiclol from March 2014 (Monty Python March)


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  1. But we wuz happi!
    (PS, teh bideo iz markt as Private – u no can see unless teh owner has gibben u permishun)

    1. an whee iz stil happee. butt iam a lumborjack an thatz okay…. conga squeeze inn da baux dere annipuss. mai siscat iz skiin inn montana an iz -7 deegreez. muchly nizer hear. hao b u.

      1. Thx fur teh congrats, noodle.
        Ai be still coffin! bedderer dan Ai wuz tho.
        We had 57F 2dai!

        1. cauff begone. dere dat shud fixify itt.

  2. Marvelous

  3. Eye donot git it. Ownlee sean one Monty Python show – teh wun wif teh elderberries qwote
    Tyem tew googlol :)


    Eye lol’d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I thought they only had movies. Gotta look at more sketches!

    1. I had to watch it a few times, it was a little hard to catch with them speaking so fast and the accent. It was great!! It just kept getting worse and worse!

    2. Oh da tv sho wuz veri ufnny. Chek da mynistry ov sillee walkz.

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