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Photo source unknown (ICHC) Caption by Bluesfan473

Photo source unknown (ICHC)
Caption by Bluesfan473

Plz tu note, for the unfamiliar, that teh song lead-in tends to come in menny forms of, “I nebber wanted to [be a hairdresser, work in a pet shop, whateber], I wanted to be a lumberjack!” The song itself has been redunned mennymenny thymes.

Jackie’s purfurred version (following the hairdresser sketch)
prysma’s purfurred version (following the parrot sketch)
Live at the Hollywood Bowl (includes some possibly offensive language at the very end)
Classiclol from March 2014


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  1. Hims a lumberjakk an hims OK!

    1. him sleeps all night and… him sleeps most of teh day as well

      ohai, ap, and conga stripey kittehs on teh nawt seckond

      1. Ohai an thx, Puddy!

    2. Ai bin weightin four dix wun.. gathors up pj an jessica and awl 3 brake intwo song. Oh….. u kno da rezt….
      Congalumor annipuss an ohai dere puddy_tat.

      1. o hai, noodle

        1. Ur welkome, iam shur.

  2. Ohh bf473… wsre am u. Iz lumberjack thyme, kinda like hammer thyme. (Mc hammer wuz wun ov mai star’s favrite purrformers. Hur even hadd parchute pantz).

  3. I can has buttured skones for tee?

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