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  1. U prollee dezerb it!

    1. Littel missy innocint mi. Neva!! An iffin itz aboutz da ovorterned soupz tureen, itt wuz da goggie. Yeesh. Conga dere annipuss. Itz bin raynin hear. Whee kneads itt.

      1. Thx noodle.
        Haz been clowdee awl dai 2dai (dark naow) but no rayn an still myled fur teh tiem uv yeer.

  2. Wassnt teh ginney piggies in Alis in Wunnerlan also repressed?

    1. Troo! dey wuz.

      1. Or suppressed, anywaze, which iz much teh same fing…

        1. verily gud linkin dere lungdoc. ai fergotted sew much ov da gud stuff in dat storee.

  3. Whewie lukit dem eers!

    1. Troo! Looks exotic, lyka Savannah kitteh or whatnot. A good listener, Aifinkso!

  4. Yoo am being repressed? Wai? Furst pressing nawt werk? Yoo awl wrinkled?

  5. sumwun tew halp tihs pore kitteh babey awt?
    wite nite?
    anee coler nite?

    1. *Galoops in on teh white horse*
      *Falls off teh white horse*
      Teh grate art of riding iz tu keep yur balants, lyke so…
      *Falls off again*
      No bones broken, to speak of…

      1. yay fore teh slightlee bork night!

        1. *Sings softlee*
          “Ai’ll tellyu everyfing Ai kan,
          Therez littlol tu relate.
          Ai saw an aged, aged man
          A-sitting onna gate…”

          1. Hee hee hee! Moar Alis! (Onlee dis bit from the Luking Glass.) Yay!

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