For winter warmth…

Photo (of Autumn) and caption by Maryh Cookie

Photo (of Autumn) and caption by Maryh Cookie

Cookie sez: Autumn (Named for her color when she was a wild kitten) grew up wild except for one winter when she dashed through the front door and straight into the unused back bedroom like she knew where she was going. Inside the house she was tame from the very first, even turning onto her back and demanding tummy rubs. All winter she lived there with her own food, water and litter box where our other cats couldn’t bother her. One warm day she dashed back outside and immediately was as wild as before!! When coyotes came to our area we got all the cats inside, including Autumn, her sister Streak and Autumn’s grown daughter Cloudy Girl. Eventually they tamed but Autumn wasn’t the first to give in. She’s an odd little cat. She learned the secret of keeping warm when she was wild…you curl up tightly and put your tail over your nose!!!

Classiclol from March 2014


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  1. Sort uv “Gro-ur-own” blankie!

    1. yez, oui hoomans iz dee fishint inn sew meny weighz. ohai dere annipuss, an ai c da bellz am ringin. congawarmnozes mai frend. ai b awf two werkz . ttfn.

      1. Ohai, thx an obai, noodle!

  2. Nebber diskount teh valyu uffa warmified noze! An feetz. Ai hatez kold feets wif a passhun.

    1. Papa hastu stik hims futs owtta teh kubbers or dey gets heetrash.
      Adn ai has lurnd nawt tu laying onnem eeber. :roll:

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