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  1. OK, bunneh, wat aer teh kwestyunz?

  2. are teh answer 42?

    ohai, ap, and conga bunnehs on teh nawt seckond

    1. Thx, Puddy!
      Aifink wun uv teh kwestyuns iz sumfin tu du wiv teh speed uv a swallow, so praps 42 iz teh anser!

  3. WHAT iz yr name?
    WHAT iz yr kwest?
    WHAT is yr favrit culur?

    1. Thx, Duffy – Ai haz nebber seed teh moobie an ownli kno a littlol bout it frum Lols!

      1. *nodnodnod*
        saem heer but nao eye habz bin wacheeng teh klips nd lafflafflaffing.
        Lukt at teh tb show but eye kan knot unnerstan win tehy tawlk fast nd eye donot git sum ob teh British hewmoar. Mai hubcat allwaiz wacht Benny Hill, it wuz liek The Three Stooges, nawt tew funnee tew me.
        Pleez peeps, donot bee mad fur knot karing fur Benny Hill nd 3 Stooges.

        1. :D No worries, short1fry! In mai experients, Cheezpeeps like tu share references tu things we find funny, in case our friends might nawt know about them (what with all the miles, oceans adn decades that separate some of us), but for those same reasons we all understand that funnyness is nawt often universal. Adn it changes wif time…azza kid Ai would watch teh Three Stooges for hours, but now not so much. Just play teh Groucho/Harpo Marx “mirror scene” for me, though, adn watch me bust a stitch… Adn Ai must have seen it forty times… ;)

          1. In case somebunneh doesn’t know what Ai am talking abowt…

        2. Ai aer nawt fond uv teh slapstikk ‘hoomer’ oar teh modern comikks hoo yooze rood werds an showtee voysiz.

          1. Ohai annipuss – Ai totimalolly agrees wid yu! I don’t du “hoomer” taht depens on crooelty to get laffs. Or roodness.
            (Lolspeek off) I learned a long time ago that there is a lot of humor that doesn’t offend or hurt, and that everyone finds funny. I’ve written several plays for young people’s theater, and every time I do it amazes me how many people come up to me after the shows and say how much they enjoyed the comedy and how happy they were that it wasn’t mean or dirty. I was raised, and remain, a LADY, and it’s gotten me far.
            (Lolspeek on) Tehr. I sed it.

            1. Eentelligint comedy, yooze duin eet ryte Duffy! :smile:

            2. Du nawt mind humurs that get nawty, that can be fun in teh rite context (young peeps theatre, that defnitly nawt teh rite context!), but defnitly prefer stuff that be clevver, an have no patience fur stuff that be cruel or crude. Or sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc, got ZERO tolerance fur that. Altho I nawt particularly a lady. :lol:

        3. Wye wood ennywun be mad? Oh noze, donut worry! We awl haz diffrint taystes adn hyomurrs, adn eggsperiences. Despite teh silllinesses, Ai’ve akkshully lerned things from mai fellow cheez-its. Adn taystes change over thyme, alsewtoo.

          1. Eye lurn uhlot frum uther peeps komintz, eye lubz it. Eye habz nebber trabeld. Eye yam orijinullee frum Indeeana, moobed tew Illuhnoy den as an uhdult moobed bak tew Indeeana. Afinkso awl wifin ay 20 myle raydeeus at teh most. Eye donot want tew ax peeps “hay, wear ewe lib?” but itz neet.

            1. mi… ai livez inn da state ov konfusion. nopez knot reely ai livez inn santa monica kalifornya an grewed upp in brooklun gnu york. humor iz sew funny. watt ai meen iz ai wood laff ax monty python an mai star wood frown. hur wood laff ax benny hill an ai wood wundor. ai wood laff, laff ax mr bean an hur wood thinkz ai wuz nutz. mai dadcaat (hoo wuz a dr tiny hedshrinker wood laff ax da 3 stoogez an mai mumcat wood sey …ned! watt am ufnny bout peepz pokin eech otter inn da i.

              1. Ewe moobed akross teh ewe ess ay – litteruhlee nd eye moobed wun staet ober. Eye am sutch an advinchurer!! LOL
                Hubcat wantz tew moob tew Airuhzoana but tehy habz big bugz thar nd eye habz bin towld skorpeons git inna howse. Nao iffin it wuz teh Schenker bruhthurz, Klaus, Hermann oar Matthias eye wood bee happee tew welkom tehm in, buggee skorpeons – no.
                Ther habz bin minnee tymes win hubcat wood bee kraking up abowt sumfing nd ai fink “ewe marreed ay 5 yeer old”, eye jus sit ther nd luuk at himz trying tew figyur owt wut wuz sew funnee. Yooshellee its himz laffing sew mutch at sumfing sew stoopie (imho) taht maeks mi laff. Afinkso LD libz sumware arownd ther, Az oar NM.

              2. s1f – are yoo a Scorpions fan? Ai lubs tehm! Straynge, nawt bakk in teh big hair daze, just in teh last sevvral yeers, az we all matchurred (mebbee sorta) throo ower middlol ages.

                Ai do travelol a lot, butt(!) y’noe, Ai think it’s just a habit to shop for teh neggst trip. Ai lieks being hoam. On mai last trip, az Ai wuz missing mai cat (even though she wuz being spoyloled by mai frend) Ai wuz thinking if it wuz werth it, adn mebbee Ai shud adoptify a nuther kitteh adn stay hoam adn settlol daown. Butt(!) nawt-sekkund, Ai hazza a fyoo moar trips planned :smile:

            2. I libs in Kingston, Ontario, Canada – if yuu lukks atta map of Norf Merika, I be just about where Lake Ontario meets teh St Lawrence Ribber, onna norf side.

              And I nebber libbed anywhere else, rly – growed up inna country just north of teh city, wif my dadcat workin inna city, an tehn moved right into city in my teens. Only moving am to difrint apartmints. Havenawt travelled much or far eever, I sorta a homebody. :-) Nebber been on train or plane. Nawt much innerest, eever. Evreewun diffrint!

              1. Ohai prysma! Fur sum reeson aifot ewe mai hab trabeled. Eye haz trabeled bai trayn win eye workt n doantown Shikago. Taht wuz teh extint ov it. No playn eever. Donut wanna.

              2. Nope, just in mai majination: writing takes me far enuff to keep me happeh, wevver is a version of real whirrld or a whirrld I create. And I nawt need to worry bowt teh purrkids! LOL

          2. TJP – eye glad sumwun saw taht ;)
            Eye wuz n ohai skool during teh hare band dayz. Eye lyktid myoosik frum taht tyme nd urleeur. Still dew. Teh last fing eye habz frum teh Skorpeons is Blackout. Started following Michael win he left teh band. Eye lubzlubzlubz Judas Priest nd habz allwaiz had ay crush awn Rob Halford, still do. Sad Wings of Destiny is wun ov mai fayboritez albumz nd Victim of Changes iz awwsum!! Sum guud stuff owt nao. Donot unnerstand teh skreeming stuff. Teh myoosik n a lot ov taht is veree guud but once tehy “sing” aor wut eber tehy kall it, eye canot listin.

            Off tew bed wif ay smyle awn mai fays finking abowt sum ov mai faborite bandz: Priest, Sabbath, Maiden, AC/DC, Journey, CCR. Oh, donot furgit Def Leppard, Queensryche nd awn nd awn nd awn…..! Guess eye jus showed mai age! LOL! :)

            1. noodle yu baby komparded tew me den, yu an toona. mai list uf fabrit banns starts wif Jon Pall Jorge Rinngoe. a haz a fren wiff saem cents uf homer. hur werked at horse spittle ai werk at sew wee shaerde hahas. nao hurr moovid tew Kee Largeo. grate fore hurr butt ai misstify hur.

              1. psst – Mary, the Scorpions started in the late 60’s. Teh two leads are 68 yeers oald.

                Ai akkshully doan’t noe teh newer bands adn need to widen mai horizons. Ai’m opin to suggjestchuns! Ai “fell over” teh Scorpions abowt ten yeers ago, sew Ai’m a relatively noo fan, considering haow long thay’ve bin arownd.

              2. Lubs Scorpions tuu! Nawt sure any sujjestions bowt newer bands wud be much halp – my tastes may stay loosely in teh range of “rock an pop” but wander all ober that! (Altho with leenings towards teh rock end an teh 80s when I growed up) :lol: (But I do NOT do, ever, teh hiphoppy rappy stuffs that can has no actual music or am teh same line repeated a bazillion thymes or has teh nasty lyrics.) Finded a band called Khymera that Jackie an I boff thought, when we herd, that it were an 80s hair band we sumhao missed, but they am akshully pretty resint. Fur sum reason, lotsa peeps has a hating of Nickelback, but aifinkso they can has some awesome stuffs – unfortunately, lotsa teh best stuff am not teh party stuff releesed as singlols. :/ I can has lotsa bands I like, I has no musiclol abilities but I uses it fur energy an mood when I be writing or finking bout writing. But menny peeps find my tastes questionablol. LOL

              3. ai hadda Googlol an ai mememburrd teh naem butt nao ai memburr teh toons, it roked me lyke an herrikane!

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