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  1. …so go wai an leeb me in peese!

    1. Hao wud kitteh liek hur peese, frozzed, raw, oar steemed?

      Conga-peese Anni! :D

  2. Silleh grumpy Delilah! Iz nawt lyk kittehs can has a shortage of sleeps!

    Tehy sleeps…

    All ober teh entire bed
    Bokses that am tuu small fur tehm (Cory!)
    Curtin rod, on top uv

    1. Dai oar nite
      Enniware dey happin tu be
      For owerz at a tiem

      1. Gardin teh Fridj
        Hid unnerneef teh sofa
        In teh washin baskit

        1. Jus joyin a sunbeam
          Kickin back in teh kitchin
          Loungin in teh lawndree

          1. Moar dan ennything
            No matter ware oar wehn
            On enny surfiss
            Purrzakktly in teh middlol uv teh bedd

            1. Qwietlee in teh doorwae
              Rite whear hoomin wanted to sit
              Sof plases
              Twitchin teh tayles

  3. Bai teh way, we hadda skwirrly adbenchur this moarning! Stoopy landlord sez nawt allowed tu feeds ennymoar, hmmph. Skwirrls nawt takin that lyin down.

    Was gibbin kids brekkfast, an Freya was inna window an totally uninnerested. Her ran tu balknee door. Nawt so unusual, but normally her can has gushifuds nawt-sekkund. Wif balknee all enclosed an Trick-proofed, teh door am open from brekkfast tu bedthyme unless we boff be out.

    Open door, her runs owt… an better shokked black skwirrl runs up teh screen mesh onna INSIDE!!! Hadda grab Freya, bring her inside gainst teh struggles, an close door tu give skwirrly a chanse tu get owt! Nawt sure how, but finkso teh only one big enuff (nawt teh mousehole at teh bottom) am teh one my hand fits thru tu feed teh wildlifes.

    It alreddy makes teh kids rigglol half out uv fur when teh skwirrlies clime onna OUTSIDE of teh balknee! Have nawt seen wun inside since Dad finished!

    1. Skwirrls! Oanlee kittehs am beddur at getting tu playsis tehy am nawt suppost tu bee.

      1. We had a mowtaineerin froggie teh uvver dai. Toetally unassisted, it sumhao crossed teh libbenroom, climed tu flites of stares an intu teh bedroom!

        1. :shock: Gotta wunder what were goin thru froggie’s mind!!!

        2. Pore lost froggie! Ai hopes yu playd “alyeeun kidnap” an pickt him up to taek owtside!

          1. Froggie waz guided bak tu a nice damp spawt unner a hydrangea. :)

            Oanlee wasps an reelee biiig spidherps am taekin a risk neer mi. Soon tu bee addin asian hornets tu dat list tho, coz tehy kill bees.

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