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  1. Noet teh improbiezd apparaytiss!

  2. ohai, ap, and conga stripey kittehs on teh nawt seckond

    and did cheezland has a pleh earlier?

    1. Ohai an thx, Puddy! Yep, Cheezland wuz doun fur a wile. Skaeree!

      1. i tried teh ctrl-alt-batbatbat but that did nawt work…

        1. Ai lukked it up awn an it sed Yep, Cheezland iz doun!

          1. An noaw it iz tiem Ai loggd awf. G’nite!

          2. Sowree, waz nawt around, but I got notificayshuns of errors on alla my sites. Finkso mebbe host had ishues, since the other sites am same host but diffrint fizzical server. They can has pretty good reliabilities, overall, but no wun purrfect! :-)

            1. No prollem, Prysma – it goes, it comes back! If it had continued to be down, one of us would have contacted you, but it was out for less than 20 minutes and it has happened like that before.

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