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  1. In dere speshul plaes!

  2. Nommmmmmmmm……

  3. Maru is doreabel butt lyke me kuld use a littlol less uf teh nom. :)

    1. Him iz juss flooffee!

      1. he is a floofy gai!

    2. Yuummmmmmmm?

  4. OmmmNommmOmmmNommNommOmmNomNomOmNomNomsOmNoms Noms! :shock: Wy yu didun’t sai sew inna nawt sekkent plaise? *runzarrfwiffakwikness* dere iz nuffink butt(!) hares ware Maru anna Hanna wuz OmNommink

    :smile: Ohai ebberybunneh! Happitailol Moandai -wull az happitailol az eet kan b- tu yu all anna tu alla awor deer fwens inna Cheezland! :smile:

    1. ohai icha! happie moandai tew yew alsew. ai jus hadda get mai wintur kote awt uf teh kar kawse coled this morning.

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