1. Skweeeeee!

  2. Note 2 mqos! Cali iz awlreddi spoken 4!
    An I muss go get mai lunsh. BBL!

    1. thare’s too cally coes! aicanhazwun???
      luv the eastur bonnit anni!

      1. Thx, mqos fur teh complimint!
        Um…habn’t u got enuff kittehs yet? U shud leeb sum fur teh rest uv us!

        1. troo troo got wai enuf. moer lidder boks ai no can haz!

          1. Aifinkso you mite can has a clawed revolt frum teh currint horde if tehy can has to share yu wif enny moar kittehs!

  3. Cali’s a pinnie gig? ;)

  4. Callie am a beautimous kitty. So are her siblings.Conga nawt second Anni. Hello TJP Happy day to you boths

    1. Thx mareelouise!

    2. Thnx, adn to yoo, too! Taht izza pritty baskiit uv kittehs.

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