1. Ai aer awl groed up!

    1. And floofier dan ebber!

      Congafloofs, anni, on your solo!

      *goes back to SRL*

  2. hur growed an growed an sew beautifullie!

  3. I can has box, but no noms or wurships, just a hyoomin wif a flashyfing. *sigh* Mebbe if I duck daon inna box her will put teh flashyfing away…

    1. ..but den her kan’t see me an see haow starbed Ai iz!

      1. Poor Cali cannawt win!

  4. sum tee-theef iz gonna getz a sirprize!

    1. Kokknee rimin slang fur theef iz tee-leef!

      1. Tee-leef theef gonna come to greef I beleef coz Cali teh cheef…

        *wanners arown singin off-kee*

  5. (*points tu new box in sidebar wif a lil nounsmint innit* Psst, iz cawled, “You can has new toy!”)

    1. I liek teh bloo ;) I alsew lieks teh ideer uvva forum sew conversayshuns donut get lostid. I donut think we need too menny sub-fora, though, unless I’m compleetleloly misunderstanding teh projekkt.

      1. Oh! Ai didn’t noe Moose maed teh sidebar! We go bakk to teh v-e-t tewday for anuther weigh-in.

        1. And, Ihopeso, some sorta treatment plan. Poor Moose. I be tryin to get Cory-Bear’s weight down, Moose’s needs to come up!

      2. Nah, nawt lots… I made a few just to test fings out an mebbe gib peeps ideas what it cud be used for, but wud ravver has it be flexiblol than has peeps wunnering if they be startin topics in teh rite spot or missin fings coz they nawt be where they eggspected.

        Teh blue am an alternative colur skem fur teh same theem Cheezland uses – I used it tu make it very clear it nawt be teh same site, just a backup/whateber version. :-) (It comes wif a buncha alternates. Mebbe I shud change seezunaly or sumfin fur varietee?)

        1. (Theme can duz pinky-magenta, red, ornj we can has, a muted green, lt blue, royal blue like on uvver site, cupple shades uv grey, or can duz sum wurk an custumize stuffs a lot.)

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