By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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  1. an hoo sez we iz frenz?

    1. Tehy am berry tolarint kittehs tho.

      “Awl ur boxiz am belong tu mi!”

      Congrats Anni! :D

  2. Scooter sez “Daaaaaad……Sheena iz hoggin teh boksis agan!”

    1. Sheeeena sez, “heeheeheehee!”

      Gudgud Moandai tu alla da Cheezpeeps! Ai hoaps yu wull all hab/wull hab/habbed da gudgud dai!

      1. ohai icha!
        ai tihnk yu coverd awl teh basis tehere :)

      2. Ai aer habbin a gud dai, thx! Doan’t hab 2 goe owt in teh cawld, hab dun a fyoo bits uv howsewerk an playd wiv cheezpeeps!

    2. Heehee! Maryquos, that izza praktikly keystroke-perfect rendition of teh nawt second caption Ai wrote for this pixure! :D

  3. Sheena is pritendin duzzint noe Scooter thare.

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