By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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  1. Ai hab brort a hyooj plaet uv kukkiees. Teh kitteh shaep wunz aer jinjerbred an teh rownd wunz aer triplol chokklitt. Teh uvver plaet iz cheezie fingz – cheez, garlik an hurb pinweelz an cheez finners.

    1. Ai loves your partee oukfik, anni. Ohai and congrats on being bawt sekkund at the partee

    2. Om nom! Thanks, Anni! *noms jinjerbred kukky*

  2. *CB roles in a cart filled to teh brim wiv shwimps adn sordid cheez adn crakkers adn lizzerds (for AngelPlume) adn barius soff drink bottuls in a hyuge tub ob ise*
    Pleez to enjoi, ebrywun!!!

    1. Thanks, CB! *Nabs a bottlol of purkle soda-pop from teh ise-tubb*

      1. Izit grape nehi?!? (oh aihopeso)

    2. Oooh, shwimpeez! :) Adn lizzerdz? Juss fur meh? :D Wowz, fankee CB! *nom-cronch-nom*

    1. Ai brings a gygantik magiklol always hawt krok pot ful uv mai pot-luck speshualitee, meetbawls and sawse wiv lil sub rowls inkaise aneewun wants tew maik a meetbawl sub.

        Oh, wuz dis to shayre? :oops:

      2. Om nom! *makes a munchable meetbawl sub to nom* Thanks, BF!

    2. Ohhh – those blankets look really softy adn nice. Adn so colorful. Da outside kittehs will luv dese aifinkso.

  3. *Wheels in wheely cart wif big tureen wiffa ladlol adn lotsa boles*
    This iz green chili stew made wif genuine Hatch green chilies from southern New Mexico. *Ladlols out boles full of creamy chunky tan stew wif beefy bits adn carefully peeled adn roasted green chilies so tehre iz none of teh tuff chili skin adn seeds to get in our teefs.* Not too spicy for out-of-towners, just veri veri flavorful. Adn here are handrolled tortillas for eatin wiffit. Nom nom!! Adn some chili con queso on teh side. This stuff, frenz, iz what teh angels eat, when tehy can get it. (IMHO.) ;)

    Happy second annibirthary to Cheezland, adn thanks to Prysma adn all teh troupe who makes it possiblol!!

    1. Ohai, Lungdoc! [ohai] Fanks.
      Yum, brings bakk gudgud memrees. Mai grammy mayd ossim tortillas, butt(!) hur speshiality was tamales.

    2. Thankees, Lungdoc,
      Brings back wondermuss memories of good food and good friends in New Mexico. Just spicy enough, too. I can haz seconds? Thirds?

      Nom, nom, nom …

      1. We got lots adn lots! *Rolls up bottomless bukkit of noms* Have all yu want, adn you can still has room for all teh other treats on teh buffay, ’cause itz all majik Cheezland food!

  4. O! Ish thyme for piknik! Ai haz brotted a majik platter uv debild eggs taht nevair goes emptee. Sumhaow when yu am nawt lukking it filz bak up.

    1. Om nom! Thanks, Abbycat! *Loads a deblid eggy onto mai majik buffet-dish taht somehaow never kwite gets full, no matter how many good things Ai put onnit* ;)

    2. Yay! :) Doze fingz ar yoozhully awl gonnd bai teh tyme ai gets tu dem.
      Gud fing deez can refilling! *nom-nom-snarflol* [yum] Deeeeelishus!

      1. *luuks at teh emptee platter* [worried]
        *luuks at AP* [harumph]
        *luuks bak at teh platter* :grin:
        It IZ majiklol!!! [clap] Fankees, Abbycat.

  5. * Bringz inna majik burgur masheen*

    U kan haz ennee inda burgurz U wants.

    Ai am starting wif teh baykun cheezburgur anna sammun burgurz.

    1. WRR: Ai can haz a bakon cheezburger pleez fanks. Dese iz bery nommy. Fankies.

    2. Om nom! Thanks, WRR! Could Ai hazza bakon cheezburger also too azwell plzthnx?

  6. Az a veggeetarryun, Ai jus started lerrnin tew maek Toona Sallid Sammiches. Dis iz mai 5th attempt:
    – tinned Albecoar Toona (drained)
    – full-fat mayonnaze
    – Deezhawn Musstird
    – a fyoo drawps Tabasko Sauwss
    – relish (oar, a pickul finelee minced)
    – fresh groand black peppurrr
    – fyoo drawpz lemmin joose
    – smoakd pappreeka

    Buon Gusto a tutti!

    1. very brave, a veggitaryan making toona! Fankeeze

      1. *nods* yup, teh Tabaskey gibs it a nise kikk.

    2. Thanks, atandt! *Noms a bit of toona sallid sammich* Nom nom!!

  7. here comes mah crow with ice cream for your bowl!
    sum for the people, sum for the cats…
    stromberry swirrel and rub raisin squirrel !!!

    1. Yay for ice cream! Thanks, Supertuscan! *Lurp lurp*

  8. Oooooh! Ebreefing sownds sew guud!!

    Heer, ai brot sum cullerful piknik tayble ware fer us!

    grab ur plaits an bowls an glassis an dig inn ebreewun!

  9. Ai hazza big ever full bowl ob tater salad adn annuver wun wif baked beans. Dese go wif eberyfing (aifinkso).
    Anybody got any wadermelons?

    1. YUM! Otay, troo storee tiem. Ai wented to a piknik wunst ware ebrywun was to bring sumfing. Wun peep brotted a hoal wadermellon. Ebrywun sed “yum, yoo can has nife to cut it up wiff?”
      “Um, no” he sed. Ai sed no prollem, just smash it awn teh driveway adn ebrywun grab a chunk. He was apolled at teh thot, adn it wented hoam wif him teh saem way he brotted it. :lol:

      1. *snert*

        Sownds lyke hee reelee dint want tew shair!

        1. Shoulda brought along a bunch of rubber bands aifinkso.

          (Video hazza bit of intemperate language, but shows how to open a watermelon wif teh rubber bands. Messy but impressive?)

          1. :shock: Hoo gnu? Berry impressive, Lungdoc!

            1. Altho. . . after elebenty minnits ob raprapraprapping, ai mite decide to have sumfing else.

          2. Aifink Ai wil yooze mai trustee nief – iz les messee!

  10. Ai has my red wagon full of roasted chickin wiv garlick and lemming; a big green salid from teh guardin, tiny purplol potatoes, and bottles and bottles uv shampers.


    *looks at all the foods and nearly passes out wiv pleasure

    1. Ai fink ahm gonna need mai strechy-waist pantz fer dis piknik!!

    2. Om nom! Thanks, Q ! *nabs a purkle potato*

  11. Here, we also brought begematarium ice cream — try some!

    1. Nom nom!! Didnawt know taht coconut milk could freez lyke that!! (Ai bet teh coconut milk waz surprized, too… nawt accustomed to wintry conditions, nope nope!)

      1. Now wiff stromberries and EXTRA STROMBERRIES!

  12. Ohai ebbrywun!

    Ai brotted a curried macarooni and veggemable salad, and for de dessert table, a chonklit stout pie.


    *goes off to try awl de otter goodies…*

    1. Thanks, Shepmom! *Noms a slender slice of stout pie, nom nom*

      1. Chonklit stout pah – want!

  13. (Halp, a cute Freya haz stolled my chair an it are hard tu typing standing up!!!)

    *scurries in wif trays uv sordid finger veggies, lyk lil sweet matoes an carrits an green trees an whyte trees an sliced peppers n onyums (fur on burgers if nawt on own) an seleries an all sortsa fings – n also sordid dips fur dipping tehm in*

    *also brings trays wif froots, lyk berries an graypes (red n green) an lil orinjes (BNP) an waddermellon slices an applols an nanas an peechis – n whippy creem in case ennywun wants tu turn it intu froot sallid*

    1. Om nom! Thanks, prysma! *noms a carrit dipt in ranch dip, monch monch*

  14. Ohai, ebbeewunz:

    “Sammitchezz! I haz
    Sammitchezz! Peena Buddurr
    andz awll kyndz jelleez!

    “Awllso haz dayntee
    Kewkummburr andz Tomayto
    foar thoaz hoo nawt lykez

    Meetee Sammitchezz.
    Haz Meeet Bawll andz Salawmmee.
    Awllso haz “Frentch Dipz”!”!!

    Haz lubblee Liddill
    Stufft Potaytoz wiff Cheez andz
    deelishshuss Sowr Kteem!”!!! :D


    1. mmmmm, cheez potaytos, mai faborite! fank u Jack!

    2. Thanks, Jack! Nom nom! *Munchez cucumber adn wanderz along teh buffet hummin old Harry Champion music hall song…♫”Ai likes pikloled onyums, Ai likes pikkalilli; Pickloled cabbidge iz all ryte, wiffa bit of boyld beef on Sunday nyte; Ai can eet tomatoez, but what Ai do prefer,… izza little bitta cewkum, cewkum, cewkum, little bitta cucumber !!…”♫

  15. We am all gonna be soooo comfy – an sooooo stufft wif alla awsum nomminesses!!!!!!

  16. *weelz inn teh grill tew mayking charbroiled cheezburgas!* (yoo kin awlsew haz dem wiffout cheez eef yoo dunt want eet). Innkloods let us, toe may toes, catch up, moosetard, moshrumz, unyuns, oar enny uvver tawping yoo mite want. *Slizes poe tae tows tew maeking hoam frys adn Fronsch frys*

    Foar dizzurt wee kin haz chonklit, banilla, oar stromberry icy kreem wiff frosh froots awn tawp.

    Nomnonom Ebbrywun!

    1. Nom! Allways room for another cheezburga! Thanks, Niall Mor!

    2. Ohai NM! [wave]

      Ai haz brot sum luvvley sweet korm awna kob, kan ai shair ur grill pleez?

      grilld koms am reelee nommy, aifinkso!

  17. Ai haz bringed a kitteh piknik lunch bawks pakked wiv treets fur awl teh kittehs.

    1. Nom! What fun! Any kind of bawks izza treet for kittehs… adn a box wif kitteh face on it, even moar so! Thnx!!

  18. Papa has maded hims speshlolty dat hims mayks fur teh pot-luk cast parteez at the featur.
    Ham roll-ups. Der slysez ob ham wiff wippd creem cheez adn choppd green umyuns rolld insyde.
    Dey duznt yoozhully disumpeer as kwik as teh debild eggzez, but dey duz pritteh gud. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, AP! *Noms sample of Papa’s ham roll-up* Nom nom!!

  19. anubber yeer anubber ayj
    anubber buuk anubber payj
    adn wunse agen wii turnz owr fayse
    tu gayz upon tihs halloed playse
    wer awl ar free on enny dae
    tu cum adn joyn tehir frenz in plae
    adn eech adn ebbry buddy noez
    taht tihs iz wer owr gladness groez
    wer kyootness wawkz adn in itz hand
    a flag tu wayv abuv teh land
    a signul tu teh massing crowd
    tu lett tehir joy ring owt allowd
    adn ebbry tuch or frenly kiss
    displaez tu awl owr birfdae bliss

    1. [clap][clap][clap][clap]

      dat wuz bootiful!

    2. Yay for teh annibirthary poemz! Thanks, sunovawot!

    3. *appleodds wifa vigruss*

    4. Beautiful, sunovawot! *waves teh CL flag adn razes a glass to Cheezland*

    5. Iz mos wunnermus powem eber!!! It gibs me a happeetales!!! *applolsaws* !!!!

  20. Ohai ebbrywun! Ai’ve bin bowncing along onna trayne awl moarning. It’s sew hard tu eet, and ebbrything lluuls sew gud!!

    Ai have sum boring fresh froot taht Ai stoal frum mai Momcat this moarning. Ai’ll go tu teh caffay car and see wut creative microwave delicassees thay have. Ai noe thay have burgers, butt (!) that wood be a ninsult, aifinksew. Pretzilols? Chips? Oh, Ai forgot teh pastreez Ai bawt in New York !!! Duzzn’t get betturr tahn taht!!!!

    Plz tu enjoy :)

    1. Thanks, TJP! *Noms mysterious New York pastree* Hay, pretti good! Yu Eest Coasters nose hao to eet aifinkso! *nom nom*

  21. (gotta go out fur a bit – lukks lyk it gonna rain an wanna duz stuffs befoar it duz… back soon! save me sum noms!!)

    1. Shore PK, wheel save yoo sumthing [headnod]. *insurt evil,maniaclol laff heer*

      1. *luuks at ober loded plait wiv tower uf fuuds*

        Erm….wat am dis ‘save’ u speek uv?

  22. *wheels in an everlasting supply of those oldiebutt! Goodie cheezland speshulties wafflols and parfays!*
    There’s all the topping and flayvurrs you could dream of!

  23. Wutta partee! Anuthurr nNew yawk platturr wif baglols adn lokks adn cheezes adn fisheez adn littlolsaladdy things. (Sorry…it’s reely hard to type onna tutchskreen onna Bowncee bowncee trayne!)

  24. Happytayle Burfday tu Cheezland! Ai cannot beleeb its been twu yeers :shock:
    *wheels in a hyooj platter ov chonklit cuvvered kitteh-cookies*

  25. Haz enywun bringed cawfee :shock:

    *wheels in hyooj pot uv cawfee*

  26. Ohai ebberywhun!!! Happeh Birfday Cheezland!!!!

    Ai jus stawped bai, ai iz cleenin howse tuday sintz wii haz tew go tew a funeral tumorra.

    Ai jus wanted tew send lawts ov hugs an schmoos tew ebberywhun!!!!

    *hedbonks and whisker kisses frum the Fuzz tew*


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