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  1. And we find it hard to wake up, sumthymes. Guud moarneen, ebreebuddee

    1. [ohai] Moarnin Q!

      “An if we powz juss rite, yu squee hard!”

      Squeeeeeeeee!!! [chrg]

      1. ohai, jacknife – hao’s by you tudae? see you at teh potluck?

        1. Ai will try tu bee tehre!

      2. I haz hadda moar resistant tu splortings eber since havin those two libbin here… *nodnod* splortid so much that sumhao it just nawt happin so much ennymoar.

        They waz teh inspurrayshun fur behind Cheezland: agenst teh odds, wif lubs, they survived. Cheezy community, likewyze!!! So, they HAD tu be teh nawt-sekkund lol. :-D

    2. Ohai, Q [wave]
      Ohai, Jacknife [wave]

      Yay for Cheezland :D * dans dans dans [dans] *

      1. hey there, pb! Happee cheez day to you

        1. Thx !! Ive taken sum cheese frawm teh fridge tu go on sum crackers .. Have sum :)

          * Coz Cheez n “crackers” go tugether ;) *

          1. Hoo u cawlin “crackerz”?

            1. * passes teh plate *

              Oh, nuwun ai kno ……. Ooo, dots [roll]

              1. Cheers, pb! Ohai, anni and jacknife and Q an denniwun elss lurkin abowt… *noms cheese, sips a glass ob Whaite Whaine*

              2. [wave] Ohai mantari!

              3. Oooh! white wine, cheese, and crackers: sounds liek a good brekfuss.
                Tnx, pb and mantari.

              4. Finkso need sumfin moar substanshul fur keepin me awayks… still… cheez…
                *sips nilla tee an goes tu see about sum cheezy omlette an toasts*

              5. [clap][clap][clap] Dis lol am teh purrfekt start to a wunnerful plais to play. Congradyoolayshuns on yor sekond anniburthary, prysma!!!
                *snags a peas ob toasts*

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