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  1. Adn owr devoshunz is rokk-solid.

    1. [hug] [kiss] Cheezland Furebber! [kiss] [hug]

      1. Otay, nao wayr did dat plattur ob debilld eggzez go? Aiz gettin mai sekkund wind!

        1. Furget sekkund wind, yu mite need a sekkund stomakk!

        2. Ai haz awlwaiz gottid wind :oops: pardin!

    2. ohai and conga kittehs on teh nawt seckund

      1. [ohai] *nom-shlurp* :) Adn fankeez! *snarflol-burp*

    3. Cyrano adn Sofia looking frenly. Agate adn espeshly Alabaster all “I don wanna talk to you!”

      1. Mebbe tehy just stufft after alla noms onna last lol!

      2. Akshully, dats priddy much hao S-n-C luukd befoar papa skoopd up Sofia adn ploppingd hur ober wiff Cyrano fur teh snappy-flash pikshorz. Sofiaz luuk is frum teh surpryze, adn Cyrano wented ryte bakk tu nappin. Dey bofe got pettingz afferwurd, tho.

  2. (whew, made it back, no thyme to spare!)

    It was a dark and stormy night.

    Inside teh house, all was kwiet, teh residents having gibbed up and gone tu bed coz wif awl teh stormings, tehy had tu shut off teh puter and tehy hadda bored.

    Outside teh house, tho, if ennywun had been lissening, a voice muttered, “Ihopeso it nawt rain yet, plz tu nawt rain, I hastu finding it tonight! O, where iz it?!?!”

    1. Ai haz sercht awl dai wiv no lukk a tawl…

      1. Hmm, mebbe ai tryz ober heer wayr teh lyte is betterer …

    2. Awl teh kittehs ob teh haus wunderd iffn dey shud joyning teh hyoomins in der beds, or inbestigayt wut der keen kitteh-eerz wuz heerin owtsyde. Or mebbe, wuz tyme fur a layt-nyte snakk. Desizhunz!

      1. Kittehz thort a snakk wuz a gud eye deer – wud gib dem enerjee fur watebber dey disiedid 2 du nekst.

      2. Sum ub deh kittehs desided tu kurl up in bed caws storm maed it cool enuf for nawtsekkund tiem in munfs to enjoi being cuddlold in human bed.

        1. An wif alla kittehs eever havin noms fur strengfs or kittehnappin wif teh hyoomins, teh owner uv teh voice kept serchin owtside, undisturbed, lukkin at teh sky wiffa ankshus.


          1. A big rownd sawsur-fing wiff flashy lytes sylentleh floatid daon frum teh sky.

            8O It huvveringd ober hyoomin! Adn den…

            1. Teh serching voice sed, “Oh noes, tehy bak too suun, adn wai they hovering over taht hoomin, she’ll see tehm if not being careful”

  3. ohai, and happitayle birfday, cheezland

    it are fairly dark and stormy in TTI today – there has been thunderstorms in teh london today, so annipuss may has disconnected to avoid risk of teh computer getting cooked…

    1. Awl OK at teh momint, but mai hab 2 pull teh plug agane wivowt warnin!

  4. oh mai, fur sum reeson mai braynium cud NAWT see teh tabby-n-wite kitteh fur ages! Ai thot it wuz a lil kitten onna white backgrownd.Tehn it came tugether liek loookin at a nopical illooshun. Stoopy braynium! :roll:

    1. Tuuk meh furebber tu figgurin owt wich way hur fayse wuz faysin. [nod]

  5. heers teh burfday fairy to say HAPPEE BURFDAY to Thecharlatte, KitKatsMom, Aahz an evreewun else hoo haz a burfday today! an to CHEEZLAND!!!!!i haz bringd yummy sordid cuppie caeks wif sordid fansee frostings, iskreem, sparkly party punch, baloonz, an goodie grab bags filled wif all yor favrite toys an goodies! :D an a big swish ob teh burfday wand to making all yor burfday wishes come troo!


    The Kafleen the Donkey Burfday Song (by Kafleen the Donkey):

    It’s yer burfday
    an dats wunnurmuss
    it’s yer burfday, it’s troo!
    ebben doe deres
    uddurs sharin it
    dere is onlee WUN SPESHUL U!

    an a speshul burfday game ob troll-hed crokay!! teh crokay balls are paynted to look like troll heds an when yoo wakk them wif teh crokay mallet tehy make funny troll-y noyzes!

    furst ob all, plz to seleckting yor ball, akkording to colur an teh kind ob trol yoo most wants to wakking on teh hed (fanks to teh P=K trol taxonomnomnomony, an thoze hoo also contribyootingd to it):

    trollus artificius, aka the “photoshopped” troll – bloo
    trollus custodius, aka the caretroll – green
    trollus fatuus, aka the “you talk stupid” troll – yello
    trollus nihilectus, aka the “neber reeds commints” troll oar “drive-by” troll – orinj
    trollus notafelis, aka the “nawt a lolcat” troll – red
    trollus precognius, aka the “seen it alreddy” troll – purplol
    trollus primus, aka the “first!” troll – pink
    trollus rongnomus, aka the identification troll – brown
    trollus tedius, aka the “nawt funny” troll – wite

    to playing is simple: yoo *wakk* yor ball – o (to bolding yor ballz, put o (plz to remove all spaces). teh ball rolls: . . . . . . …. (az far az yoo wants… ooh… dots). it kan hitting anovver ball owt ob teh way: . . . . …oo.. . . . ..

    yoo needs to go throo liddle wire hoops (burfday fairy knowz how to playing crokay but not knowz the tekniklol terms) #1,2,3,4, hit teh post,5,6,7,8, hit teh final post.

    hab fun! :D

    1. to bolding ballz: left poynty brakket (over teh comma) b right poynty brakket (over teh period) (no spaces)

      to un-bold: left poynty brakket (over teh comma) bakkslash (under qwestion mark) b right poynty brakket (over teh period) (no spaces)

      1. You can has hoop to copy n paste: ⋂

    2. *pikks up a mallit, tayks a green bawl offa teh rakk*
      *duznt unnerstand bowt awl teh hoopy-fingz, juss gibs it a wakk*

      *wakk!* … … … … … … … .. .. .. .. .. . . . . . . o
      Oh noes! Deez kittehs myte suffokayt in awl dat floofy stuffs! Bad hyoominz! Crool pplz!

      1. o whaaaak …… ….. ……… ………….. uh oh ………. loookoooowt beeellooooow (aka ‘Straylia)…….. [doh] …… thud o [innocent]

  6. and SCOOPED up tteh human . She tryed and tryed to geddoutof teh tracter beam. But NO could nawt do it. Evan teh magical incantation wouldnt werk ” lemeego naow” she stormed at the owner of the spherical spacey thing. Suddenly……..

    1. …a small pocket-panther crept out from teh grasses, glowing gold eyes locked on teh roundy spacey thing. Teh hoomin heard a small voice insied hur hed–“fear nawt”….

      1. cause we is going to a wundermuss partay. is celebrating General feel gud about poket panfers day. inna spaceship . We are goin to…….

        1. teh Cat’s Eye Nebula…fars away…in teh heavysied layer…among teh stars…

          Lubs to u awl, Cheezland!

  7. Ai brottid an hyoooooooge caek tew share wif eberywun. Iz an majiklol caek, whutebber iz yur faborite type ov caek iz in tehre. Tihs part iz jermin chonklit, taht part iz lemming, taht part ober tehre iz nilla caek wif kokonut frawsting, adn sew awn. *kuts awf an peese ov nilla caek wif lawts ov fudgy frawsting adn sprinklols* Hoo wants sum?

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