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  1. U gotstu lub dat spyke, tho.

    1. Whutchu meen teh bawlz inbiziblol tuu? Iznt der ennyfing besydz meh u can seeing?

      1. Still, teh krowd went wyold, ryte? Wut? Oh yeh, teh krowdz inbiziblol tuu. :cry:

        1. I dug it!
          Bikiniieelations, AP! I ams a huge fan of the vollehballers! Beach and indoors.

          1. Fankeez, pj! :) Papaz fabrit wuz akshully wallybawl.
            Playd awf teh wawlz, inna rakkitbawl kort wiffa net.
            Wun playse hims wurkd, hims playd at lonch. Eksellint fun!

            1. wallyybawl is teh fun and teh awsum!
              *Blam spike slam* :cool:

              1. Teh crowd goes wylold!

  2. Ai hab 2 goe owt dis mornin – mite nawt be bakk in tiem fur teh nekst LOL. Bai! [wave]

    1. Thx, Anni !! See yoo [wave]

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