Happy Birthday Cheezland!

Charlie sez: I’m Charlie the Cat and I just found out about the party!! Why doesn’t Mom tell me these things???
Mom Maryh Cookie took my picture and helped me just a little, to put the words on it.
So I promised to use it this morning. :-) ~p

Photo (of Charlie) and caption by Maryh Cookie

Photo (of Charlie) and caption by Maryh Cookie


  1. Whut? the partay stil going on? W00t

    1. [wave] Ohai an congrats, Q!

      1. Moarning, anni, and tnx for the congrats.
        Ai relacks in bed, and doan wanna get up. Mebbeh ai should at least finkso about it…

        1. Yep! It’s teh thort dat cownts!

  2. Hoo needz an eggskyoos 2 partay?!

    1. Hee !! Ive never known wot egg skews are good for ;)


      1. [wave] Ohai PB!

  3. Enni cat hoo missed hims / hers invitation tu party

    wud feel put out …

    1. Wut? Like “let in the dog and put out teh cat”?

      1. Wuz teh cat awn fyre, den?

        1. * throws a bukkit ov water awn taht idea * Oops, seem tu hav gawt yoo, Anni ;)

            1. Sumwun tweeted, “It is raining a little”! LOL

              1. It wuz kwite spektakyooler! Lossa litenin an windo rattlin thunner! Teh rode heer lukkt liek a ribber. Ai wuz in noe daynjer uv fluddin.

            2. Wo! Wow, nawt liek!
              Go aweigh bad wadders!
              Nawt kneeds bad! [headshake]

  4. Hippo Birdies to Cheezland!!
    Ohai peeps. TGIF is all I can say about this week!

    1. Oh, yew had wun tew!? *pours OCM a strong drink (eiver caffeine or alkyhole or herbal whatsits wiv attitood)*

      Tewmorrow am annuvver day! ;)

      1. Fer maislef, ai will try “sleep, that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care…”

        Nite, awl!

  5. It wuz a wunnermus partee!
    Ai lurkt adn enjoyd alsotuaswell.
    Hippies hippies who ray Cheezland adn cheezpeeps [smooch]

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