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  1. Luuks lyke teh anniburfary parteh has startingd! :)

    1. *wundurz wut missus lyun is nommin on, but will letting miftur lyun du awl teh inbestigatin*

      1. *wandurz ober tu teh lizzerd haus, luuks fur a bakk way in*

  2. Hmph, Wii spoze tu be plaiing follol teh leeder!! If u gunna nom awl teh gud gushifudz, U nawt kan be leedur ennymoar!!

  3. *starts preparing the silly eneebraytoree booffay tablol *

    1. 8O :D Ai see shwimps on der, ryte inna sentur! :) Adn, um, sum obber meets …

      1. *nodnodnod*
        wut else shud we hab?

        Albacor toona (goes without saying, akshulleh)
        Banoffee pie?
        Cheeze of sordid sorts?

        1. Debilld ennyfing
          Eklayrz wiff ekstra chonklit
          Fisheez ob infinit varyeties

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