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  1. Enniware kumfee bilawngs 2 teh kitteh!

    1. Eben nawt cumfee! Ao donut noe hao thay doo it!

      Conga-cumfeez, anni!

      1. Thx TJP! Yep dey seam 2 maek demselbs kumfee in teh straynjist waiz, sumtiems!

    2. Bitsy speshalee lyked teh warm lap adn warm lamp adn warm blankit wehn Mrs. Lungdoc hazza crocheting project going, yep yep. Even permitted some rib scritches on such an occasion! ;)

      1. Hao nyce! Ohai and obai tew yew, lungdoc! Ai’m awf tew beddie- bye…

        1. G’nite, mantari!

        2. Ohai adn goodnyte, mantari! (or by teh time yu see this, good mornin! Or whatever!) [wave]

      2. A real lap cat, LD !! Sum kittehs adore laps wylol others refooz tehm … never knoan wy ;)


      3. Kittehs r halpurrrs wen dere hoomins r duin sumfing. Wenebber ai wuz duin sum pwojek atta da tablol fiddlin wiffy fabwiks, mi Punkin wuz rite dere maikin shur dat nuffing fallded arf da tablol. Shi noo haow klumpzi ai wuz wiffy alla da peeeces ob stuff. Haow thortful dese kitteh oberlords r wiffy dere minions!

  2. Ohai, Lungdoc andz ebbeewunz:

    Bittzee Kitteh knoez
    “Purr~sunnill Kummfurt” beddah
    tahn Himz Hewminz duz! :D


    1. Clappity clappity! [clappity] [clappity]
      Fanks for teh loveli ohaiku, Jack!

  3. truu taht kwote, ai lub teh awl kreechers buks bai Dr. Herriot. an teh PeeBeeEss serees kapshured just hao ai amagined awl teh peeple.

    1. Loveli they iz, teh books adn TV-stories both.

      1. For teh past yeer oar too AI’ve bin wotching it on Netflix. Again :)

        1. Teh epasoed ai fynd funnie (an maeks me a littlol kweezie) is ware he dussint want tew bee roode sew he has tew eet a beeg slab uf fat. blek!

          1. Yup, fore brekkfist. Adn teh wun ware he had drinked several pints, ate menny pikkloled unions, adn then had to face dinner! I felt sikk just wotching it :?

            1. ai went tew a piknik in Louise Y Anna wif teh lokal peeple. It waz a pig roast an thay served teh pork meet wif a big slab uf teh fat ober tawp! Wen thay saw ai waz takin aback a kind purrsin tuk teh fat offa mai plate an sew had too portions uf teh delicatesy.

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