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  1. Happitayloled Eggster, efurribuddy!

    1. ANd congrats to you, K-KAT!
      Buona Pasqua a tutti!

      1. E tu, Q! Buona Pasqua a tu! How did you know that I was studying Italian?! gigglols “Studying” in the most liberal of the definitions, that is.

        1. Sucsh a byooteefull language

  2. Wassup Peeps?! [cool]

    1. ‘snot much, Roofie, how ’bout you?

      1. Nawt mush heer eefer! :lol:
        It am tew urlie tew bee up owt wesht. ;)
        Habba a guudlie lolidae! :D

        1. *Waives in Roofie’s dierexun*

  3. Haf egg on face?

    Happy Easter to all. Just back from ringing (tower bells) for two services this morning, I need to lie down for a bit now… :)

    1. OOOOH–ringing teh curch bells! Luvverlee

  4. Happee Eester ebreewun! Glad tew see dis lil chickie got up hiz kourage an kaim owt uv hiz shell!

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