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Caption me – Rebel

Photo (of sister's cat Rebel) by Captain's Keeper (or maybe her sister, with permission)

Photo (of sister’s cat Rebel) by Captain’s Keeper (or maybe her sister, with permission)

Captain’s Keeper sez: This is Rebel, my sister’s ginger kitty. He is about 12 years old. Rebbie has been [having health issues this year] and is beloved by the vet clinic and technicians


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  1. {{{{{{{Rebel}}}}}}}
    Happytayl Easter!

    1. [wave] Happytail Easter CB!

      Watta hansum an flooftastik kitteh Rebbie iz!

      1. Ohai BF! [ohai] Yesh, is no wonder Rebel is beloved by hims caregivers.

    2. Conga Ratz CB

      * handz aowt britelee cullurred aigz, sum fill wiff shinee cormfettiz, but moast filled wiff nomz *

      Hazza gud eestur!!

  2. {{{{{{Rebel an his famblie an vet famblie}}}}}}

  3. Wotcha rebellin’ agaenst, Rebbie?
    Wotcha got? An izzit eddiblol??

    {{{{{{{Rebel an hims famblee}}}}}}}

  4. Ohai ebbybunneh! Hoppy E stir! Mai teh sun con tin ewe tu shyne awn Rebel <3

  5. Rebel haz soft cushun adn skratchee post chayre awl in wun!

  6. by teh looks of teh chayre, definitely not a rebel withowt claws…

  7. Want cuddlols….

      1. Fankies CB. Eye mintid teh floofy kitteh but wil gladlee aksept urs [hug]
        Happee Mundane tew ewe.

        1. Yep, ai figgered taht’s whut yoo mint, butt(!) a [hug] is always a gudgudfing. Happee Mundane! :grin: Ai is hedding owt to do sum yard werks wile it is sunny adn warm. Cold adn wet coming bakk tomorrow. Pleh.

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