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  1. Ai iz sorry ai surprizd yu. Yu okay?

  2. Imagine reaching up to give chin scritchies to a giraffe!

    Conga [rat]s on your furthest from last Carosue!

  3. Hey, Mrs. Gazelle! Kan yu help mih? Ai needs tu pull up a big bunch of these kneehigh tasty pasture weeds adn pile em up so Ai kan stand on teh pile adn reech up tu eet teh nasty tree leefs taht Ai cannawt quite reech…
    (Sometimes Mama Nature’s children can has a almost-human abilitee tu nawt change their habits wehn sichuashuns change, aifinkso?! One doubts that teh Texas tree in teh pixure iz teh acacia that teh giraffe iz hungri for…) ;)

  4. Is that aminal made out of cancakes!?

  5. Consul, the Almost Human

    Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,
    Or what’s a heaven for?

    Aww shaddap and help me up, will ya Bob?

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