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  1. It growz kittehs!

    1. ohai and conga kittehs on teh nawt seckond

    2. looks like it’s a gud crop too!!!

    3. A literlol kitteh tree! :D

  2. Adn it’s nawt rapped in plastikk.

  3. Ohai, anni andz ebbeewunz:

    Kitteh Kondo amz
    Ekksellent Barrgunn oanlee
    if Kittehz lykez ir!

    Kitteh Kondo haz
    lawtza “Kreetchurr Cummfurtz” andz
    Grayt Napz Playssez!!

    Kitteh Kondo needz
    “Sunnee Spawt Magniffy~urr
    foar lawsst Sunnee Spawtz”!!! :D


  4. Whutta grate pikshur, mqos! Must be sumfing speshul abowt teh bed taht Seamus adn Stevie shayr.

    1. yes cb, it is berry berry soft an sqwishy! teh ferneture is nao inna sunlite spawt an rite bai teh hot airs bent sew berry popular!

      1. Adn ob corse yoo must moobs it during teh day so kittehs are always in teh sunlite. Taht’s whut gud minyuns are for. :grin:

  5. looks like a good crop of kittehs on teh kitteh tree this year…

    1. An Aifink dey aer rype fur pikkin!

    2. hee – GMTA!

      I didn’t scroll down before I commented :-D

  6. Happitailol kittehs r happitailol! :smile: Wut a grate kitteh tree maryqos anna wut beautimouse happitailol kittehs tualsoazwell!

    1. thangyew icha an awl! tahs awl teh bois, three gurls wer elseware….
      we lucked awt an gotted tihs less tahn 1/2 pryce an free shipping (68 lb pkg)
      (Mr. Casey luked at teh approx 3′ X 2′ X 2′ box an sez “ai fink ai habe tew assembile itt”!)

  7. Dat r a kat tree uv epik purrporhuns!

    1. Ahm surprized wun uv teh kittehs hazznt layed klaim tew teh bery tippy top dere

      ‘Maid it Ma! Top uv teh whirrld!!’

      1. Ohai, BF! Luuks liek it wud tayk an epik leep to get up dere.

        1. Bai teh lukks ob it Seamus an Stevie haz moar ob a comfy wayr dey iz. Teh tawp platform nawt lukk sew soft and snorglolablol.

          1. Twoo, butt teh wun whoo got dere wud bee Top Kat!

              1. hee! ai uzed tew luv dat sho!

            1. Teh places chozen by kittehs, I alwayz find confuzzling. Tehy seem tu use lojik that am purely felion an making no sense tu at leest this hyoomin.

              What impressis me iz teh amic… amy… ebreewun be calm an frendly, wif no wun tryin tu displayce ennywun else or start a rassloling match!

          2. (thass akshilly Seamus & Spanky shaering, Stevie’s teh odd kitteh awt wif teh gray an wite cote!)

            1. Yeek, I oopsed! :oops: *runswifakwikness tu repair teh attri… utter… teh whu’s whair* Sowree bowt that!!!!

              1. thass okaye xxxooo!!!

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