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  1. Kittehs aer gud at flesh woondz!

    1. *lukks at scars on arms an hands roofully* Yep! Daonrite gifted!

      1. Ai hab a 6 inch skaer awn mai leg ware bruvver drawpt a kitteh awn me!

        1. I thunk bruvvers normally droppt, say, mowses. Or bugs. Or mebbe isee-cold drinks. Droppin a kitteh seems sorta skary!

          1. Him wuz berry yung at teh tiem. He dropt a mows down mai bakk layter.

  2. Ai will smite U a nawt sekkund tyme!!

  3. Prettee littlol midnite kitteh.

    * skritch skritch skritch unnur the chin *

    Such a niec kitteh

    ** YOINK **

    1. Hay! Ai hazza complaint! Awl ai see izza blank whyte, kitteh-shaped space in dat pic above!

      1. Hmm… cudda sworn teh pic I posted hadda kitteh innit. *lukks arown*

        1. * putz Abby bak *

          Sorree, hur juss mindz me uf mai hart midnite kitteh, Ai nawt kuud resist teh gowld layzurz.

          1. Its OK, I admit to yoinking her myself occasionally as well. She is very amenable to being skritched around the ears, along the back and on the belly, if she knows you – or you give her time to get used to you. If strangers go looking for her she will run and hide.

            It is interesting to feel a thump on the bed at 4:40 in the morning and then nothing, When you open your eyes 30 seconds later there she is, gold lasers pointing at you patiently waiting for you to get out of bed to feed her!

            1. They sertinly am berry byootimus gold layzurs… mezmerizing, in fact.
              *offers pretty Abby a hand tu sniff, tehn gently sneeks in a eer-skritch*

              1. Believe me the motor would now be going full throttle for you!

  4. I wounz yore flesh, awlrite.

  5. Tihs Black Knight wud, aifinkso, has better lukk tahn the rijinal. I meen, wun lukk from those big brite eyes, whu cud fite her? She sez, “You nawt cross bridge coz I on it an guarding it,” then if ennyfing lyk mai howsehold, teh hyoomins obedyently wurship her a bit an go arown or wait fur her tu deside tu leev. ;-)

  6. Butt….butt….boff ur armz iz awf!!! Silleh midnite knigght!!

    *skritch skritch yoink!*

    1. Bootiful pixure an purrfekt kapshun abby’s dad!

      1. Thanks BF. She is a delightful house panther. Except for the times when I ignore her at 4:40 in the morning. Then she puts on here loliphant bots and runs up and down ME! It is never wise to ignore a hungry kitty in loliphant boots.

  7. ai just luv teh black black shiney cote and brite ais and black littlol noes!

    1. and don’t forget the black jelly bean toeses! hehe

  8. Ohai. Ai iz nyoo heer. Mai naym iz Kiwi-Dan. Ai uzed to be around ICHC about 2011 and aftur a lawng abb-sinse, ai iz bakk naow, at leest fur a while :)

    1. Ohai! I rememmers yu! Walcomes tu Cheezland!!! :D

      1. Ohai Prysma! Fankies fur teh warm walcome! :D

    2. Ohai Kiwi-Dan! [wave]

      1. Ohai Bluesfan! [wave]

    3. Ohai Kiwi-Dan! Pleez to aksept my floofy paw ob french ships. Pleeztameecha.

      1. Ohai! Aifinkso ai vayglee remembur yu possibly. Pleeztameetcha tu!

        1. Ai must admit to bean a littul vayg at tiems. ;-)

          1. Dere am nuffin rong wif dat aifinkso

    4. Ohai Kiwi-Dan! Welkom tu teh playgrownd!!

      1. Ohai Lungdoc! Fankies fur teh welkom!!

    1. :shock: wai tu stawping dem??! dey’ll maek yoo stae aftur skool! [run]

      1. Hmmmm, otay. Howzabowt “nuns shall pass awl gudgud stewdints.” Ob corse taht inkloods yoo adn meh. [headnod]

        1. Awn taht noat, ai reely haz to gets sum shut ais. {{{{{Roofie}}}}} {{{{{Cheezpeeps ebryware}}}}} [kiss] [sleep]

          1. *tuk tuk tuk* nai nai, CB [kiss]

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