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  1. Wiv awl mai hart!

    1. congrt to anni and ocm onna Valentine tie! I’ll be the midnite kitteh’s ballentine, pls.

  2. Wat AWL of u? Of cors!

    1. Ohai OCM! We hab a tye.
      Um.. wud u liek sum rayn? We hab a sir plus.

      1. Oar snow? Der’s plentee tu share!

      2. Ohai Annipuss. Yesh Pleez!!!
        In return Ai will sending u sum sunny shine. We can has a lot of it.

    2. *Flies by with an eerohgram ballintyne for OCM *

      *leeves a napplol too*

      1. *munch munch*

      2. doo napplols maek yoo sleepy affer yoo eets dem?


  3. Yesh! :D


  4. We got yoo candees, but we eeted tehm. Will yoo tayk snorglols instedd? [kiss]

  5. Adn wile yore at it, cuud yoo get sum gloo remoover? Ower taylols seem tu be stukk togevver. Kthnx.

  6. Yesh yesh yesh leetlol kitteh kommitty ob lubs! [hug] [kiss] [hug]

  7. Onlee iv yu wants snorglols adn cuddlols adn smooshuz.

  8. [swoon]

    Awww…haow cud ai sai noe tew doze lil faises?


    1. *pools teh feinting kowch unner BF473*

    1. *puts owt CB’s dainty foot (agin) to trip Sir NC*

      1. :shock: Yoo must has souper powers to be so menny plaises at wunst. [worthy]

        1. Yoo doin a gud job followin along.

  9. I woulds be your valyntin any day

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