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    1. phurrrr ebbber!!! or until the toona runs out…


      Bisous on your so low taupe spot, MMM!!!

      *hands MMM a ballantyne * :cool:

      1. O fank yu indeed! I wiz juss feeling a bit peckish!
        *nomnomnoms teh ballantyne*

  1. Awww ! [dog] [kiss] [cat] an [cat] [kiss] [dog] !

    Ohai an congas, MMM, an congas tu Shepmom tu !

    1. *wayves* Ohai Kate M! Wud yu lyke to shayre mai caek?

    2. *boobps Kate on the nose*

      *Hands Kate a validthyme*

      1. :shock: :oops: :mrgreen:
        hee – that wus a nintresting typo….

    3. Ooo yes pls – an yu kin shair mai kard tu !

      Fanku bery mutch, MMM an Nenne, anna happee balentine dai tu bof ov yu !

  2. Butt(!) wee wudn’t sai noe tu sum nyce noms.

    1. [boop] [boop] [boop]
      *Leafs a slice of valentine for wolfkit*
      * [boop] again for good mesure…*

    2. Lyke ah …
      Appeltizer ob anchoovy
      Beat ob bakkun
      Cartun ob chonklit
      Drawp ob do-nots
      Eggstra exsalad
      Feew fischees
      Grate heep ob graeps
      Helppin ob hunnycom
      Inch oar elebenty ob iscreem
      Jiant pyle ob jellee
      Kartun ob kangroo stu
      Limtilezz lollees
      Mowntains ob mushrums
      Neu boal ob noodells
      Oarda ob oztrich burgas
      Pees ob np’s nommy peeza
      Quartz ob quinz jam
      Rums ob rumtruffells
      Slyces ob sammon
      Tunnes ob toona
      Unudder serrb ob chonklit
      Vastt amountz ob
      Wun bawx ob wadder krakkers
      Xtraz ob xtra nyce stuf
      Yelping ob yestadai’s jijabred caek
      Zillions ob zabaglions

      1. *sits down at the table*
        Bring it on!!

        1. Ai haz gibben maiself ah hungree noa.

      2. Taht duz tayk teh cake, Wolfkit :lol:

  3. Roze’z aer red
    Vilet’s aer bloo
    Myne aer wite fermulz,
    Haow abowt u?

    1. Aww.. lub yoar abatar’s preddeh hart ;)

    1. *puts owt CB’s dainty foot (agin) to trip Sir NC*

      1. :shock: EM, ai hazza imprest at hao menny lols bakk yoo went wiv my dainty foot.
        Nao gibs it bakk!!! [harumph]

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