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  1. Kissin doan’t last, boksiz du!

    1. Yair, itz awll tuu mush, am Valolentines Day ;) ** Ohai Anni n Wolfkit **

      1. Mushee iz teh bleh orn ‘Florizts mak ah bukket ob munies’ dai.

        [ohai] pb n ap

      1. * wisspurrs: tihs linkee am missing teh linkee, nenne *

          1. Noe ai deedn’t [butt(!) ai haz han eggscuz fur beeing fuzzee kornfuzed – ai iz steel hongree]

          2. Tehy wuz tossing tehm araond awn teh previuss lol ;)

      2. deh link am deh missin lynx

  2. Bawxes am bedderer tahn ballentines

    1. Bawxes iz a gurl kittehs bestist frend.

        1. Can yu hyde inna dyemun? Oar choo awn teh edgiz and barf it awn teh carpit waer it be fownd at sillee ‘o clock in teh moarnin?

          1. *saunters in an leeves a Valet thyme on JK’s coffee tablol*


            1. Ooh fankees Nenne! :)

        2. Dymunz iz huglee. Amyfests ar preetier.

          1. * Puts sum pearls in a glass wiv vinegar faw safe keeping *

          2. Nawt unnerstan teh obseshin wiv over-skwished bitz ob rok.

            No haz warmz
            No haz comfeez
            No haz fudz
            No haz huggablolz

            Wut gud iz demz?

            1. Izam preettee adn yu kan eet gold adn drinkk perls.

            2. Ai dunno
              Dehrz demz az finks deyz shiny
              Butt(!!) dey iz shiny ONY wen deyz kleen an
              *Ai* dun du kleen fur ennefink
              mush less oberskqisht roks whutz spohzta bee shiny

  3. Ime nawt carton it arownd wiv him in it, shi sez !!

      1. Hee, wair yoo getting theez, Nenne ?? ;)

          1. Ai gnu it !!

            Nd nao faw sum very nice music from a singer I just now found:

            Radka Tonef

            Enjoy :)

            1. ooh – she was norwegian!! well, sort of – we consider her “ours” :-D

              1. Gud tihngs kum owt of norge-way … :roll: ;)

              2. Inkloodin funneh pants!!!

  4. Casanova kitteh iz berree prittee butt(!) nawt haz teh saem appeell az ah bawx.

    1. Hims is !! Heez very liek mai eponymous Poussin kitteh :D ** Bewtimuss midnite, hims wuz :cool: **

  5. Ohai, ebreedwunz. And congz to anni and wolfkit.

    It’z the sekkund-in-a-row snow day here in Merryland. About 10″ fell Wednesday night, and then icy rain and moar snow again last night. Do nawt have yo go out iff don’t want to. YAY!

    I hear there are berry ohai windz in TTI, in addishun to all teh floods. Hoap all cheezpeepz are safe and dry.

    1. Ohai an thx, Q. Yep, we aer in fur anuvver dai uv wind an rayn. Ai hab disiedid nawt 2 go shoppin 2dai! Noe daynjer uf fludds ware Ai lib, but fur sum peepl it iz berree badd.

      1. Ai’m glad you live up away frum teh ribber, anni. Redaing about teh Summersett levels is so frightening. Saty inside and cozy!

    2. Ohai, Q !! Hoap yoo am wawm n dry n teh snow eases off !! :)

      1. I shoveled mai car out yesterday and will have to do it again today. Narsty ice all over nao, too. But it is pretty!

    3. Ohai Q
      *slips an udder ballay tiem in Q’s pokkit*


      1. Why, fankeeze, nenne! Schmoos to you.

  6. Kitteh opens teh box … “Taht’s nawt wot ai ordered !! Send it back !!!”

    1. *puts owt CB’s dainty foot (agin) to trip Sir NC*

      1. :shock: Aaaaaaack!!!! Aiz running owt ob dainty foots!!!

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