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  1. Wii had teh martoonee drinking contest, Ai fink ai wun. [hic] [sick] [faint]

    1. Congrats adn choklit martoonielashuns, WRR!

  2. Consul, the Almost Human

    He’s worth no more
    They say he parted well, and paid his score:

    1. Yur caws of sorrow
      Mustnawt be measured bai hiz worth, for then
      It haff no end… *weeps over fallen comrade*

      *Fallen comrade sez* Hay, pipe down awreddy! Kannawt a meerkat get a nice afternoon napp wiffowt all this kittehwauling goin on, plzthnx?

      *exeunt awl, tu shade of Birnam Wood, for piknik lunch*

      1. Consul, the Almost Human

        Exeunt hurriedly… for the bear will pursue your picnic lunch

        1. :D *Leaves lunch for bear* [run] *Hides in meerkat-burrow wifakwikness* Teh better part of valor iz diskreshun. [headnod]

    2. Bravos tu ewe two [clap]

  3. Ai haz a kumfy kushun, hoa bout yu?

  4. Anuvver eggsiting Valentine’s Day.

    1. *puts owt CB’s dainty foot (agin) to trip Sir NC*

      1. Nonono!!! Ai has run owt ob dainty foots. Yooz yor own. [harumph]
        Oh, wayt. Yoo duzzunt has a dainty foot. :razz: :run:

          1. Yoo muss hab odder foots ore am yoo runnin on yer canklols?

              1. :razz: Ar yoo saying ai has canklols at teh ends of my l’aigs?

              2. Yoo muss hab sumpfink at da end ub yer legs iffn yoo am runnin wiffy owt yer feets!!

              3. Yesh! Bunyuns, dat’s whut ai has. [headnod] Aiz runnin awn bunyuns.

              4. [dubious] I faughts bunyuns wuz on foots. Nawt on a daintee foots mind yoo sew…. I hazza confuzzoled.

              5. Hmmmmm, yoo mite has me dere. . .
                *fink fink fink*

              6. Lemme gess, dat’s yor storee adn yor stikkin to it, amirite?

              7. Dats mai troof. An an an …. Tis da troof!!!

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