By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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    1. Congrats.AP!
      Ai cudn’t fyned teh noo LOL!

      1. Fankeez, anni! Onleh tuukd u a minnit, tho. ;)

        1. Yep, nawt 2 bad, Ai spoze!

  1. Omai skweeeeeeeee Iz sew kewt.

    1. Yep, shud hab a splort warnin, Aifink!

      1. Troo dat! White glubs and spats adn likorish toe-beans! O, mai…

    1. *Drags teh larj feinting cowch owt adn puttz itt unna owr cween*

      [swoon] nex tu herr.

      1. *fans wolfkit adn cweenmj, luuks up at kitteh*
        :shock: aiz gone. [swoon] negst to cweenmj adn wolfkit.

        1. O noes, waddle we do wiv awl tense fainted peeps?

        2. dis must b deh sooper sized fainting couch!!

        3. Heer komz teh YNGs:
          [boop] [boop] [boop]


      2. Moob obbur cheezehz…

        OMCC, LUKKIT DOEZ TOESIE PADS!1!! [faint]

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