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  1. Kause yur kewt liddlol piddies adn yur kewt liddlol faice kneads a warsh.

  2. ‘Cause you have fleas! [rawak]

      1. Adn iz march fazter tu du tehm awl att wunce stead ob wun att a tyme.

        1. O ai NO! Ai juss hayt habbing to sope wun up, rinsify it, dry it and den duing the neggst wun! It takes furEBBER… :roll:

          1. Iz hardz Ta warsh den in situ az well cuz dey tends to abandons ship …

            1. Adn if yoo finks itz impawsiblol to herd cats, just try herdin’ flees.

  3. SUSSHH uh puppeh faaaayss!! [faint]

    1. *rushez tu puut fenting cowch unna Roofie*

      1. [phew] Fankees, wk! :D

  4. Becawz Overlord Kitteh sez yew rolled in sumfing unakkseptiblol….adn we must dew as OK sez we must. Sorry Pup.

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