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Tribute: SugarBee’s Biscotti

Photo of Biscotti by SugarBee

Photo of Biscotti by SugarBee

Ohai, dis is mai grrl Biscotti hu crost teh Bridj yesterdai [16 Dec].  She waz 18.  Mai hart iz borked but ai wantz tu shair hur byooty on teh Solstiss. [Anything else?] Just that she was a wonderful beautiful girl, who I loved in every way.


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  1. Hugs to SugarBee adn happi waves to teh loveli Biscotti, enjoyin her first week in teh Meadow.

  2. Biscotti am byooootimus in ebery way…much lubs to him and yoo and awl hoo lubbed him.

  3. Whut a sweet sweet gurl. My Smudge will mayk her feel welcome in teh Meadow. {{{{{{{ SugarBee adn teh beautimuss Biscotti }}}}}}}

  4. Such a pretty kitteh, wiv teh byootimus eyes. Ai’m shure yu has menny, menny wunermus memrees of teh tiem yu spent togevver. Nao Biscotti is layzing in teh sunny Meadow wotching over yu.

    {{{{{{{{{SugarBee adn Biscotti

  5. Biscotti iz just bewtimuss, Sugar!! Ai kno shii wuz yewr lubblee gurl adn yew miss hur SEW mutch!! Shii wuz an important part ob yew liddol famblee.
    {{{{{{SugarBee adn hur belubbed Biscotti}}}}}}

  6. Such a bewt. Seh lubbed yu as much as yu lubbed her SugarBee.
    {{{{{SB adn Biscotti}}}}}

    1. *runs in adn hangs a ‘y’ on teh end ov bewt, cos ai am nawt an Ostraylian* [headshake]

  7. Biscotti yew were sew lubbed by awl uv us in the tee rume. Plz gib hedbonks an purrs tew the original Spot and Star an mai Mawm and mai cuzzin Charlie hoo joined yew awn Wednesday.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Sugar and Biscotti}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  8. Fanx ebberywun adn fanx Prysma fur maykin a memorryal tu mai sweet grrl.

  9. o, wut a wunnermus bebbeh. Sugar, i know mai Casper will welcome Biscotti to teh meadow, an show her around an introducce her to ebreewun. hugs tu u!

  10. She am berry somber an sweet looking. Yoo wuz lucky tu habbing eech udder, Sugar.


  11. Such a beautiful girl! {{{{{SB & Biscotti}}}}}

  12. Just lookit dem wise eyez!!! {{{{biscotti}}}}

  13. [hug] Biscotti n SugarBee [hug]

  14. Ai will miss yoo, byootimus Biscotti. <3

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