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  1. Hay, dere iz Star rite dere wif Bonnie! Wut a lubblee pixor!

    1. yup, ai awftun found dem 2 habbin a nap onda sofa. neither wun wood wake up sew eyed take a pixchure an show dem l8r how cute dey luked.

  2. This am such a beyootiful pixor!!!! {{{{Star}}}}

    Deh liddlol kitteh leggz hanging owt frum unner deh blankee makez mii gigglol!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. dey wuz bestest frendz.

      1. {{{{{{{{Noodle}}}}}}}}

  3. Memories ar made ov such sweet tiems! Hold tehm in yur hart furebber.

    {{{{{{{noodle, Star and Bonnie}}}}}}}}

    1. mai hart iz filled wif luv 4 star an awl mai hart kittiez an goggiez, an burdz, an hampsturz an white rats. hour hartz b bigg enuf 2 hold dem awl klose.

        1. Adn nawt to forgit teh skwirrls. [headnod]

  4. oh, mai luv 4 star iz stil strong. ai sai gudnight an fank you 2 hur pixchur evry nite. bonnie’s full name wuz bonnie, tutu precious falsey deluxe. hur wuz a tini skinni kittie wen oui adoptified hur. butt hur surrogate mama, hour tortie kitti tuk gud kare ob hur an wud pin hur down an wash an wash hur eers.
    ai jus gotted home frum werk an diz iz a lubbly weigh 2 remember all doze kitties an goggies an horsez an peeples hoo passed ober da bridge diz yeer.
    cheezland is a wundrous place. ai lub u awl.

    1. and we lubs yoo too, noodle.. :-D

      1. ai fink star an miss annie will find eech othr an hug an plai. [headnod] .

        1. an ai seed ur komment on da caption me pj. fankz.

    2. {{{{{{{noodle}}}}}}} Fank yoo for shayrin yor preshuss furbebbehs wiv us.

        1. yes, ai iz a veri fortoonate pursen. an ai share mai joi wif ebbrione.

  5. [hug] star n bonnie n noodle [hug]

    1. [hug] shensara [hug]

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