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Tribute: miniminsmum’s trio

Photo of Sushi by miniminsmum

Photo of Sushi by miniminsmum

Sushi, my daughter’s kitteh who came from the kitteh rescue at 7 mths old and probably already had FIV.  She went to the meadow in May, at not even one year old.

Photo of Sashi by miniminsmum

Photo of Sashi by miniminsmum

Sashi, who arrived at my daughter’s home in June at about 3 months old, and died after a fall two months later.

Photo of Gis by miniminsmum

Photo of Gis by miniminsmum

Gis, a horse we had for 16 years and had to help to the meadow last month aged 19, following a bad colic.
It was a sad year for us, and for many cheezpeeps too.  I look forward to sharing my memories with them all at the memorial.



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  1. thas a lotsa loss in wun yeer {{{{{{miniminsmum}}}}}}

  2. {{{{{{{miniminsmum}}}}}}} So sad to lose so many furbebbehs in such a short time.

  3. eye am sew sad 4 u. dat am allot 2 bear in sew short a thyme. {{{{{{{miniminsmum}}}}}}} u gabe dem luv an datz da best oui kan due.

    1. [nod] Lub am deh most wundrus fing wii kin gibbing. ♥

  4. [hug] Sushi n Sashi n Gis n miniminsmum [hug]

  5. Fank yu, deer frendz, fur yur comforting hugs. I stayed up speshally fur these tributes, but nao it is layte in Yurup adn my bed is calling me!


    1. nitey nite!!! sleeep well. [hug] miniminsmum [hug]

    2. Sew sweet, sew yung. Wut byooteez! Pritty seenery, tuu. Ingerland?

      Plezzint dreemz [sleep]

      1. Ohai ToonaJoosePlz! Did is Fronschland ware ai live, neer to teh Alps adn teh Swiss boarder. I has bin libben here fur neerly forty yeers.

  6. {{{{{{{{{{{miniminsmum an awl sweet luved wunz}}}}}}}}}

  7. Take care, {{{{{{ miniminsmum }}}}}}

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