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  1. Him is reely teh king ov teh junglol – prowd and byootimus too!

    {{{{{{{{{{icanhasanimlols adn Jeffery}}}}}}}}

  2. Jeffery luuks liek a berry contented kitteh, sekyoor in yor lubs. Rest in peace, handsum boy.{{{{{{{icanhasanimlols}}}}}}}

  3. Himz is brethtakingly and heartbreakingly byootimus…{{{{icanhasanimlols? and Jeffery }}}}}

  4. My Jeffery boy was one of the kittehs who decided he was home when he walked out of the woods behind my house. He was full grown and in great condition. The first time I saw him I ignored him thinking that he was just another traveling male passing through. Since I already had 5 cats, I hoped he would be gone the next day. Of course he was still there. My cats Cleo (who hated everybody and everything) and my BooBoo were sitting quietly near Jeffery. Jeffery gave me a little “mew” and then rolled over and showed me his belly! Naturally, he immediately became one of the family although it took him quite awhile to get used to the idea that my husband was a part of the family too. Jeff would attack him every time he came home from work!

    1. He certainly knew what he wanted – and didn’t want! Hay yoo, male hooman, yah yoo! Aiz in charj heer nao so stay owtta my way adn weel be fine, got it? :grin:

      1. Well, my husband was working out of town and would only come home once or twice a month. And naturally, our everyday schedule would be turned on its head. Jeff did nawt like that at all!

        1. They like routine. The couch should always be there and there should be the same number of people in the house every night.

  5. O mai! Whut a hampsum lion-boi!! Weer tokkin teh cubber ub KQ heer…(Kitteh Quarterleh)….

    1. {{{{{{{{{{icanhasanimlols adn Jeffery}}}}}}}} ai agree taht waz wun hansim boi, mai condolensis awn yur loss.

    2. Dittoh!!! [headnod]

  6. [hug] ICHA n Jeffery [hug]

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