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Tribute: damommza’s Miss Annie

Photo of Miss Annie by damommza

Photo of Miss Annie by damommza

This is our beloved Miss Annie who we rescued when she was 13 years old and her original mom was hospitalized and her family left her at a high-kill shelter. She lived with us for almost 2 years when illness and old age claimed her life in January. She was our precious little girl and brought sunshine and joy in to our lives. We still miss her terribly.

Annie’s been on Cheezland before, here and here and here


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  1. Ooo, the floofeh liddle face – she’s a byootee! Teh sunshine seh brought yu still warms yur hart, ai’m shure!

    {{{{{{{{{Miss Annie adn damommza}}}}}}}}}

  2. Wot a sweet darlin fase!! Wuz da werk ub CC yoo did but lettin her into yer harts furr da end ub her lyfe and lettin her lib wiff dignities adn FUNZ! Leeky ayes — I haz dem ….

  3. {{{{{{{damommza adn her Annie}}}}}}} Such a beautiful face. How wonderful that you were there to fill her remaining years with love.

  4. She was a most wonderful little girl and fit right into our family like she had been ours since she was a puppy. Everyone loved her..even Bruno, our other Bichon, who was devastated when she went to the bridge. We still haven’t healed from the loss… :-(

    1. {{{{{{damommza}}}}}}
      Shii luuks sew sweet! :)

  5. What an angel. She was blessed to have you.

  6. JanetCanHas4Kittehs

    Oh! WHAT a luvlee sweet fayce. And so forchewnate to have had yoo find hur. Ai awnly wish she cud have stayed a bit lawnger. :(

    Bedder a hole in teh hart tahn never to have had hur to luv.
    {{{{{{{{{damommza and Miss Annie}}}}}}}}}}

  7. The best camping dog ever!!

    1. She was so much fun, wasn’t she! :-)

  8. It takes a special hoomin who looks to adopt an aged baby just to give them love, comfort and peace in their last years. Miss Annie was so lucky to have you Debbie and you were so lucky to have her!

    1. Thank you ICHA…you are such a sweet person.. I wish you lived closer!! {{{ICHA}}}}

  9. [hug] Damommza n Miss Annie [hug]

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