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Day: December 21, 2013

Tribute: Cookie’s Flamer

Photo of What A Flamer by Maryh Cookie

Photo of What A Flamer by Maryh Cookie

Here’s a photo of What A Flamer, my good, good mare. She gave me two really outstanding foals. In this picture she was heavy in foal so it doesn’t show off her “girlish figure.” I had to have her put down just a few weeks ago due to very bad hoof problems. When they came to do that she ran with her head up and her tail in the air, showing off her beauty and strength one last time before she let herself be caught, then walked quietly up to the Vet. I am certain she knew and was grateful.

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Tribute: Marmalady’s Ann

Photo of Ann by Marmalady

Photo of Ann by Marmalady

This is my goggie Ann who crossed the bridge in September. This was our last vacation together on N padre island tx. It was the first time in 5 years I saw her happy and smiling and goggie dancing. Losing my husband in 2009 was brutal on us. The first 2 years of her life [she was badly abused]. She gave me her doggie heart on a platter in 2008 and my heart melted.[…]

She was the biggest bravest chicken ever. When she and I would be on out walks if a loose dog came up she hid behind me. She could con me out of puppy treats I would hand her a puppy treat and she would walk to the nearest room out if my line of sight place the treat on the floor without it making a sound and come right back to me and ask for another. She could open the treat bucket. So I had to keep it up almost out if my reach. She would “borrow ” wooden spoons and rubber spatulas and hide all over the house. I think it was in 2011 my brother and sister in law were talking about the new full body scanners and having a slightly heated conversation when my 6’3″ brother stepped toward with his finger pointed at me to make a point and she peed on his sock foot to “protect” me.

Tribute: seethrusoul’s KC

Photo of KC by seethrusoul

Photo of KC by seethrusoul

KC 1999(?)-3/16/2013 He adopted my sister when his previous humans moved away and left him behind. We called him KC, for Kitty Cow, 17 lbs of lazy and aloof. He was a really bad traveler, so I ultimately kept him with me, but since he was FIV positive, I had to have all of my own cats tested and vaccinated. He was an incredibly finicky eater, but he would stare at anyone who had food, until you put it in front of him, and he usually walked away once he had a sniff. Who’d’a thunk he’d actually like orange sherbet? But then again, he did wear a heart (white) on his belly!

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