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  1. Him wul drop awf in a minnit!

    1. Mebbe Ai cuud just giv himz a littlol shuv…

    2. Nawt tu wurry, kittehz awlwayz land on dheir feetz. :D

      Congaratz tu u Anni!!!

      1. Thx mai cween!

  2. Anyone els finkin uv a surtin sawng… mebbeh Aerosmith ? :roll:

    :-D :cool:

    1. Noe gud askin me!

    2. :oops: It mite juss b mai pootir, butt(!) it seems teh linkee am borkt. :roll: Sawree!

      Lemme trai agin… Teh magik wurds am:



      (Note from prysma: Benni, feeling very bad about making a mistake, asked me to remove this. At this point it seems, well, sorta pointless. For anyone else coming along late, it’s a cool song but the video does need a NB content warning. ;-) )

      1. Dat linkie werkt (Unforchoonatelee! Ai need sum brane bleech an eerwash plz!)
        Iz nawt mai stile uv fing a tawl!

        1. :shock: Ai hab nawt seen teh bideo in ages adn luukt at it nao… Yoo b rite, Anni, is kwite disturbin, akshulleh! :oops: Will trai tu onlee share teh musik next tym!

          1. Ai turnd awf affer a fyoo sekundz – prifur singerz 2 be deesentlee cloved!

            1. Aerosmith wuz an awsum band during mush uv dere kareer. Ai admitz dis iz frum wat ai konsider dere wurst staige, dey wen kommershul (ownlee my opinyun uv korse)

              1. :oops: Ai reely wus nawt finking wen ai postid teh linkee, only thot uv teh song adn nawt teh bideo at awl. Ai hazza deep sawree adn imbarist! :oops:

              2. nawt tew bee imbarrist er sawree ((((Benni)))), nuffin reely rong wiv teh video, nawt ebreefing kan bee tew ebreewunz taiste! Lots an lots an lots uv fowks luv dis faze uv aerosmiff’s kareer an luv teh videos frum dat faze. It wud bee a pritty boring whirrld iffen wee awl thawt teh saim an lyked teh saim fings!

              3. Ai’m awf tew go chek owt teh video!

              4. ROFLPIMP!! Yoo rock ToonaJoose!!

              5. Ai wuz nawt uffendid – juss did nawt fink it wuz kwite wat a rispektiblol widdo wummun (or me) shud watch! Ai aer nawt in2 pop moozik enniwai!

      2. I need to point something out here:

        With how frequently YouTube links are posted with absolutely zero info as to what they are, I’m actually surprised that people aren’t more frequently stumbling over content they maybe don’t want personally to see. (Or maybe they do and aren’t commenting or telling me?) (Benni gets points in this particular instance for giving Aerosmith’s name, BTW.) Cheezpeeps are generally careful with great intentions, but mistakes do happen, and comfort levels vary widely in some ways.

        I’m not growling at anyone. I am going to suggest that it might be a good idea, when posting a link, just as a routine policy, to 1) watch it all the way through first, to make sure you remember it correctly and this version doesn’t have any surprises, and 2) put some kind of info about what the link is to when you post it. Doesn’t have to be a 100-word summary, just artist and song if it’s a song, or that it’s from a movie, or whatever, with a warning obviously if there’s something possibly questionable.

        Incidentally, if posting songs, it might be useful to add “lyrics” to the search box: lots of songs are done with the lyrics scrolling through as the video part, which is going to be less likely to be graphically disturbing and also makes it easier for those not familiar with the song.

        Personally, I never bother following links unless I know where it’s going and it sounds interesting, and I doubt I’m alone in that, so more people might even actually look. Plus, it might help make sure that peeps see only what they want to see. And you have a better chance of avoiding feeling bad because you posted something that had an unexpected response.

        I’m not making this a hard rule. I’m not pointing at ANYONE in particular. This is just a convenient moment to bring it up and suggest it as an idea to keep in mind.

        1. If yu be eben finking uv polojizing… donut. No wun haz dun ennyfing that needs it. ‘Kay?

          1. Kwite rite! Ai turnd it off az sune az it wuz kleer it wuz nawt mai sort uv fing – no uffens takin an no riproof 2 Benni.

        2. Grate suggestshun! Ifn we gives teh info, dere may be no reezun to watch teh bideo, at leest ifn its a song or moobee we noes alreddy.

  3. Ennybody else impresst wif hao cleen adn tidee taht windowsill iz?

    1. ai waz thinking teh saem fing!

      1. Wii haz scene dat winnder sill afore. Am awlwaez dis wae!! Haus muss bee da majikol kynd. Oar Neerer an jest kleener Dan da aberaj kitteh …

        1. Zane — mai beeg hubba hubba boi!! Ware am yoo kommintin frumz??

          1. Silleh kitteh — hims singid onna mai eyeFone!! I gess da teeny keez der wood be gud fit furr hims sweetie lill toe pads ….

          2. *channels creepy old 70’s movie*

            Teh kommint is coming frum innside teh howse!

              1. heehee, When a Stranger Calls, starring teh luvvley, ownlee slytlee bug-eyed Carol Kane alzo notid fer teh role uv Valerie in Princess Bride ‘I’m not a witch, I’m your wife!’

              2. An mennee uvver rolez uv korse, bery guud aktress.

    2. Yep, warez awl teh bukks, paypurz, ded flyz an uvver stuff?!

      1. yeah, an wai taht pitcher uprites wif noe chips an noe wadder an shredded flours awl ober teh playse??? Mebbie tehm ar faek kittehs :)

      2. Mai BC sumtymez wandurrz intew teh ruum wif a few cobwebz attached adn I fank him fore cleening owt wuttebber corner he wuz eggsploring :)

    3. Ai habs tu agwee 2aslo wif ebbery bunny. Whar iz da furrrs? Whar iz da bits ob littur baox fillur? Whar ar da nosie anna paw pwints onna winners? Dust bunnies? Ai nebber seed a haose lyk dis b4 mush luss libed inna won!

      Great haose neenerbeener an beautimous kittehs 2!

      1. Yesh! Bootiful bay windowz, purrfekt fer kitteh sunbaivin!

  4. Is teh hard edge uv laif… Oar juss teh hard edge uv teh windoe nook… It reely dependz hao yoo luuk at it!

    1. :lol: Oooh yesh, karnt u jus tel deze luvvley kittehz liv awn teh hard edje uv lyfe? Whut wiv teh layin rownd an teh sunbeemy windowz an awl?

      Grate pixure an kapshun nb!

  5. I likee mai LBows to hab sum breefing room. Asydes I fink look Kooler dis wae

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