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    1. :? Hao duz u missing a nummer? :) Congas, hcr!

      1. Whale, it am teh anser to life, teh univurs an ebbryfin, an I sir ten lee mis dat! Particyoolarlee teh last part…

        Fanks for teh congrats!

    2. whut? :? whut u meen, is nawt 42? is nawt on teh liszt, u say? Butt(!) Ifotso is awlways awn teh liszt? *powts*

      1. U hastu pikkin teh fiff anser, wich is Nun Ob Teh Obbers.

        Wen papa wuz in collidj, der wuz a maff koars dat had E. NOTO awn ebery kweschun. If u wurkd owt teh ansur, adn it nawt matchd enny ob teh A – D opshunz, u cud piking E, but yoozhully it ment u juss figgurd it rong. Wuz beri frustraytin, wantin tu pikk E but figgurin dat prolly wuznt ryte, adn wurkin it fru yet agen, wundrin ober adn ober wut did ai duing rong? Wut?!!

      2. 42 am teh ansser tu ebbryfing !! Congzaminations, HCR :lol:

  1. Him’z number 2 pencil.

    1. Adn wayr is teh skantron form tu filling in wiffit? Hmm? Seemz tu be missing dat as well!

      1. We has been lead in the wrong directions.

  2. Nope, nawt cheezburger. We can has cheezland! Yay! And happeh annibirtherees, cheezlanders!

  3. Ohai, ebbeewunz!

    Dis Kitteh missez
    himz “Ubben Mitt Woobbee”. And
    himz CatzNipz Mowss!

    Dis Kitteh haz gud,
    gud Hewminz dat gibbz himz lawtz
    andz lawtz Belleh Rubz!!

    Dis Kitteh can haz
    Cheezburgr wennebburr himz
    wawntz. Awn Caturday!!! :D


  4. 42 – of course!!
    at a pinch, D…
    a buckit is just an otter wurd for cylindrical box…

    1. Gud of yoo tu put a handlol awn it, Nenne ;)

      * Handlol = aussie slang for naym *

  5. Hmm, sherley ebbry wun noes teh anser tu moast kweshunz iz Sentral Afikan Republuk.

    Butt(!) az iz multiplol choiz ai gez iz Cee. Kitteh’z alwaiz lukkin fur cheezburgrz.

  6. A subscription to New Yorker (waytingh fer hooman to renew)
    B. Braking Bad (wayting for hooman to by DVDs)
    C. Chef at Michelin ressront who made hims toona club sammwich but haz now gone back to Paris (wayting fer hooman to lern receipe)
    D post-modernism (wayting fer hooman to evolve to kitteh level ob inntelekt. Will be a long wayt as hooman is currently trying to master spin cycle on washing machine)

    1. Everything heez ever lost
      Fings he didnut kno wer missing
      Gud serviss; teh way it yoost tu bee

      1. High tee wiff toona sammichies and sammin patay
        Infinte mounds of the best catnip ever, grown in teh mountains of Catmandu
        Jello – just because it wobllols…

        1. Klaonin’ arownd liek a kitten
          Lawngtiem frenz
          Maykin’ owt liek hi owns teh place

          1. Nip mowse
            OBNP fren
            Quagga (coz dem aer eggstinkt)

            1. Rastafarians
              Simplol life
              Train tu Hogwarts

              1. U, silleh – dis babbeh misses YOU! *aww…*
                Very skwoosheh hooman to mayk biskits awn
                Weeleh weeleh cuddlolly cuddlolz
                Xsepshunalleh attentib hooman
                YNGs foar mawmma
                Zeh pookie cuddlol nip toi

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