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  1. *Wunders inn, yornin hoojlee, n klutchin a kuppa kawfee* .

    Wow, taht wuz sum partee las nite ! Aifink eberywun iz stil slepin it awf, goggie !

    1. Ahm abowt tew nodding awf maisalf. Mawrnin, Kate adn congacritters on yoar nawt-sekkund and to badd foar teh fp!

      Nai nai … zzzzz

      1. * PB tops up teh cupps awl raond * ;)

      2. Fankees, Roofie – slepe wel !

        An fankees fur teh tawp-up, PB – ai knead it ! (Staid up wai past mai yoozhual bedtiem tu ketch teh beginnin, at leest, uv teh awards serry moany, n teh kittehs diddunt allow mee tu slepe in tihs mawnin) !

  2. Je suis Fronsch …

    .. nd Ai poo’d lol … :roll:

    1. Oah, mahn shot dew ceiling! Kell pun vooz avay dee ;)

      Egg skuuz em wah, zhay bez wahn permeh mon amee luh putee skwirrl uh nomzhay.

      BBL ;)

  3. *skritches poodlol goggie eers* quel joli petit chien!

  4. Mais oui, tu est un joli petit chien!!
    presqu’aussi mignon qu’un chat!!

  5. Wotch owt efurrybuddy. Dis goggie haz too tungs. Ai shoor hoap hii kan howld hiz likkerz! ;)

  6. Wee wee, le suite puppeh!

  7. *ala gomez adams*

    Oooh, puppeh, u spoke Fronsh!

    mwah, mwah, mmmwwwaaahhh!

    1. Aifotso ai wuz teh onlee wun hoo still new dat refrench!

      1. heeheehee, ohai fyve ladykitteh! ^

        1. *ohaifibes* yay for obskyoor moobee refrenchiz!

  8. OT and on a slightly serious note – our Mumrik (she hasn’t been here for a while) is having a hard time these days with the stoopid deepreshun… If we all send her massive cheezbeems, at least she’ll now we’re rooting for her!!


      1. That’s right, Nenne !! Beems ====== >>>>>> {{{ Mumrik }}}

        1. Moar beems on teh wai to {{{{{{{Mumrik}}}}}}} !!

          1. {{{Mumrik}}}

            1. beems on ohai for mumrik! ===============>>>>>>>>>{{{{{Mumrik}}}}}

              1. Beems comin frum here, too. Go way, deep reshun, yu nawt hazza welcome!!!! {{{{{Mumrik}}}}}

              2. G’wae stoopy depreshun =======»»»}}}}} KPLOW!!!

    1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Mumrik}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
      Mai teh ebil deepreshun relees yu adn mai yu kom bak intu teh lyte berri berri sune.

  9. OOOOO la-la!!!! La Fronsh!!! *swoon*

    1. * PB rushiz in wiv teh faynting cowtch n teh nick ov time *
      Heer, mai leege, drink tihs soothing cup of sennapod peppermint tea ;)

      1. Mare see, moan ah mii!!! ;)

        1. On fan, la rehnn mj ehkree le Fronsch alà lolspell. ;)

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