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  1. U meen Cheezland? Ai feels teh saym way.

    1. Sumhao, tho, ai nawt fink Shaykspeer is tawkin bowt us.
      But ai did kno teh lol wuz bai lungdoc befoar chekkin teh kredits.

      1. :D Heehee! Ai thought teh kitteh in teh pixure lookt lyka good candidate for bein a Cheezpeep. Adn teh Bard’s comment waz too good to pass up. (Ohai adn congrats, AP!)

        1. Fankeez adn ohai, lungdoc! :) Yeff, it awl wurks well tugebber.
          Adn u can nebber reely going rong wiff dat materiulz.

      2. Mee tu – awn bof kownts (ai feel teh saem way an gnu teh FP wuz bai Lungdoc) !

        Congas awl rownd !

      3. :D Mee three! Ai knowded teh lol wus bai Lungdoc!

  2. Teh Floofee haz eer tufts!!! Splort wawrnin elebenty!1!!!

    Congas to Ld adn AP!

    1. Fankeez, roofie! :) *luuks foar teh eer tufts* 8O *luuks awayz wiffakwikness*

  3. YODELAYDEEOOOOO!!! …erm, sawree :oops: dat sorta slipped owt…

    1. Ohai africat!! Practisin for teh Lonely Goatherd song, are we, hmm?? (Adn Ai wonder how well teh goatherd’s yodeling carries across teh dunes, as compared wiff teh Alpine valleys adn places lyke taht. Prolly have to climb up onna rokk to give it a good start.)

      1. Ohai Lungdoc! Yesh, teh dessurt kan get a bit lownlee :D

        1. Sept mebbe wen teh skorpiunz com ober tu has a parteh.
          Den u wishez u wuz loanleh agen, ai gess.

  4. Dis shud be our offishul sloegan!!!


  5. Clever LOL, Lungdoc !! * Tihnks abowt 4 yeers of purrsonlol cheezburgerlanding :roll: *

    1. Adn Ai’m sure yu agrees wiff me taht no time spent wiff Cheezfriends iz ever wasted!!

      1. Ive wasted tiem awn wurse tihngs … liek lissning to compewters taht ansser a fone wen awl yoo wontid wuz a hyoomin !!

        Nope, ennertainimints am nawt wasting; taht’s living ;)

  6. Poster n quote cud awlso apply to:

    Arcade ov amoozment
    Bowncing castlol
    Dans dans dansing skool (otay, nawt me :roll: )

    1. Earlee moarning walks owtside
      Feeding teh pidjins
      Growing flowerz in teh gardin

      1. Hiding frawm yoor frenz in a cubby-hole
        Ice Cream Shop * drools :oops: *
        Junglol swimming whole (well, trawpiclol, ai meen)

        1. Kayvz wiff stalagfingz adn bats
          Lava toobz wiff sekrit passijez
          Mayzez maydz wiff leefyfingz

          1. Nature walks
            Morning sunrise wiff kawfee
            Openin pwesents!
            Pedalolin yur new bike!
            Quiet readin spaowt

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