Caption me Puzzle!

Cheezland wud be nuffin wifowt teh kittehs an uvver aminlols tu capshun! Many ov tehm be anonynomamous wuns from ICHC’s supply, but teh bestest is when we gets tu see teh same kitteh faces playing role aftur role fur us tu enjoy!

Here be teh game: here am 6 pics uv kittehs who own Cheezpeeps and have been on teh FP repeetidly. (Sadly, fur space issues, I cud nawt use ebree singlol kitteh whu deserbs tu be here, an I polojyze most humblee tu tehm an tehir human servints – if this wurks, mebbe we duz wunce or twice a munf, or sumfing. Also, I wented wif only kittehs, nawt the goggies an such whu also kwalified.) Nayms haz been remooved frum file names, an teh pics has been numbered. Sum are pics taht has been here befoar, sum am cropped frum capshuned, sum frum gallery, sum am nawt seen prevyusly.

See if yu can naym all six! Ansurs Fursday, along wif 6 moar! (Also Friedegg, but nawt Whensday coz uv parayd!) Yesterday’s answers at teh bottom!

PS, yes, iz nawt in a slydeshow – that onlee wurks on blogs that am hosted on, an we iz nawt. Did nawt want tu risk adding new plugins tu site this week!!! ~p







Yesterday’s kittehs:

1) robin’s LiLi

2) AngelPlume’s Angelina

3) plasticat’s Eva (or other way around!)

4) spotstarmom’s Star

5) abbycat’s Agate and Alabaster

6) jwalsh’s Jynx


  1. Happy Nawt Sekund Anniberthery Eve!!!

    1. Angelina was teh eeziest. :-)

      1. Whooooooot — confussloling CHeezeeCats to yoo CB — Yoo gotted a sew low nawt sekkond and a sew low sekkond!!!

  2. U hab me beetid, Prysma!

    1. Ai ownlee gotti 2.5 uv yestidaiz! Angelina, Eva an Agate (din’t bemember Alabaster!)

  3. Hmmmm, nummer 3 heer l\uuks kinda liek a reberss of nummer 1 from yesterday. Am dis a trikk kwestshun?

    1. ifinksew dat nummer free an a pwince ub a kat!!

      1. An ifinksew da nummer fore has a doppololgangger —- oar purrhapz iz a dopplolganger … :?:

        1. Iz awmoast a meerer immidj uv yestiddy’s pikkiniiki kitteh; Prysmamama musta hadda lawt uv ufn “settin up” yestiddy’s lols soze wii kud git eggstraw laff 2day, aifinkso.

          1. Wud lub tu take credit, but akshully… I randumized the pics, an only tweeked it if tu pics frum saym howsehold waz gonna be saym day. ;-)

            1. Ar, ar! Dat PROOOVEZ it! CC am nowtissing yore/owr anniberserry, 2~ Yestiddy wen I bowtified mai noo smratypantz fone, de pikkinikki girrul wuz UPPP awn de innertoobz!

    2. chek awt da lenff ob da tale. dat’s da giveweigh 4 mi. maibee.

    3. Did nawt use mai Trick atawl, him nawt been in enuff lols. ;-) No tricks!

        1. Most uv my pics of Trick show him in ekstremely borked-looking and/or kitteh-pr0n-esk sleeping posishuns. :lol: Hm, shud collekt moar an add tu gallery, rly…

          1. Yesh, cud mayk for grate lols aifinkso.

  4. oooh… ai kno num too an ai fink # 3. butt dey iz awl beautifulled, esp # twoo.

    congarats catburgh! u b nawtsecund.

    1. Fanks, noodle. Yes, dey is awl beautimuss.

    2. Ai agree – dey am awl byootimuss kittehs, watebber dere naems iz!

    3. Aifinkso is a lil bit of kittehtung showing on taht byootimus midnite kitteh in (2) – a weekness fur teh kittehtung peeking owt, I haz wun!

      1. mi two. aisle tri 2 get ahold ob da pinki tung, butt dem kittiez iz moor powerfulled dem mai grip. awlweighz slidez rite bak inder mouf.

        1. An doo da teefs den slide rite innta yer hand?

  5. Ohhhhhhhh …. nummer wun iz tooo cyoot!! *SPLORT*

    1. Oh noes, EM has splorted!
      *hops onna CCC adn zooms ober to EM *
      *sweepsweepsweep up teh brainy stuffs*
      *rinsrinsrins in sparkly lemming wadders*
      *pakpakpak bakk into EM ‘s braynium cabitee*
      *rapraprappityrap wif dukky tayp wif kallykoe kittehs on it*
      *attash new CHRG (w/doi) adn titens daon*
      *lead EM to teh splort recubbery lawnj*
      *rap EM in floofy Cheezland blankitt*
      Heer, EM, reed dis instrukshun manyool wot was ritten in sebral forin lankwijs befoar bein translaytified into Engrish. Doant luuk at teh cyoots until yu feel strawnger, k?

    2. Ai noes, ai splort ebberee thyme ai seez hur…

    3. She am a beyutee, alryte!

  6. Dis iz WAY too mush ufn, Prysma! Ai takin way tuu mush thyme lukkin fru teh galleree tu fynd dese beautimous kittehs! Treshur hunt!!

    1. :lol: Waz unsure hao well it wud wurk, but it seems tu be a suksess. ;-)

    2. Noooooes! Izza ebil plot by mai mom! Her alwayz trying tu get me tu play moar! Nao her duin it tu yu tu! :shock:

      1. Am dat Y yoo klawwed her awl ups yessteedae??? Silleh boi! Yoo shud know her will nawt be dissuedid frum her paff ….

        1. *sigh* Hyoomins am stubborn.
          An sumthymes miss fings in frunt uv tehm.
          If Mom had been paying moar attenshuns, her wudda just puttid me on teh kitteh tree an nawt maked me scramblol fur it.

          1. Didja gibs her kisses adn purrs adn sez yore sawree seh gotted hirt?

            1. I gibbed her purry hedbonks befoar bedtime, befoar I runned off to chase Freya – duzzat cownt? An agen this moarning. Nawt just coz her gibbed me fresh crunchies, eever.

              1. Otay, Cory-Bear, dat’ll do.
                *tosses a roly poly bawl wiv fevvers awl ober it* Heer, yoo can has.

              2. *lukks at toys wifasuspishus*
                Hey!! Yu be lyk my mom! Yu tryin tu get me tu play moar!

                I DU play! Nawt my fault Freya gets distractified by strings alla thyme an tehn nawt wanna play chase-an-resslol! Her be my favritest toy.

  7. Ooooh, nummer 6 am showing pinky towpads!!! Must – luuk – away – wivakwikness!

    1. Nummer 6 am alsew inna a smexy poze – ifinksew

      1. *nod nod* Berry comhither.

  8. Ai kin ownli eyedentifye free kittehs strate awai tudai (in tu pichshurs – # 2 and # 4).

    Ai wil hav tu joyn KemysteryTchr fur sum resurch in teh liberry – or wayt fur sum kloos … !

  9. Ai cownt 8 kittehs. Iz dere eggstra credit?

    1. yup !! Iffn yoo gits dem awl yoo git elebenty millyum eggstree poynts!!

      Ub Korse — Da poynts am maed up and donut matters!!

      1. Wayt. Wot? Iffie yu bringing donuts, yu can haz moar poynts???

        Wut iffie yew jess eetses teh donuts?

        Wut iffie yew shairz teh donuts?
        Wiff teh kittehs?
        Adn gibs dem kawfeez? (Icee kreem)

        1. D’oh nuts??? *run run run*

      2. Butt(!) d’ohnuts DO mattur!

        1. yeah — doh nunts doo matter — butt poynts doo nawt!

          1. Wotsis poynts, prehshuss?

            Nebber mind!
            Led uhs eed caek, er, D’OHNUTZ ADN KAWFEE ICEE KREEMZ!!!

  10. Teh only wun ai noez fur shur am Nummer Free – dat’s teh Cween’s hellkitteh aynjlol, Topper! :mrgreen:

    1. O, um… :oops: Am dis a cawntest? Am we nawt werkifying azza teem tu get dem awl? Um, sawree. *slinks aweigh tu yell SKWRL! at teh neerest goggie*

      1. :lol: :lol: *dukks owt ob teh way ob teh goggies in ohai chayss moad*

        1. EEEEK! Spencer combs bakk heer!!! No chasin Skwhirls!! Silleh Puppeh….

          Oh lookz — I gots a mausie!!!

      2. :lol: Nawt tu wurry, SP – peeps started nawt akshully gibbin nayms so uvver peeps cud keep on guessing, but iz nawt a rool or ennyfing, iz no big deel. :-)

        Besydes, I nawt confirming eben owtrite guesses until teh ansurs… um… mebbe duz tumorro sted uv Fursday… *ponders*

  11. omg taht tigger in nummer fibe, i can haz? teay ar awl beautimus bebbies! (ai havenoclue whoo tehy ar!) butt luv teh pitchers!

    1. Ai wuz finkin uv yoinkin teh tu in # 5, tu. Tehy ar awl byootiful kittehs butt (!) tehse tu luk liek mai Ferdi n mai Tab. (Tehy izznt tho) !

    2. (5) – wun’s a boy, wun’s a girl

      1. Same fing fur (2), akshully.

        1. sew… needs a passyport too pick up taht pritty kitteh??? :)

  12. O, an aifinkso nummer sicks am SSM’s Spot, aifinkso, mebbeh, pawsiblee…

      1. Nummer Six Kitteh

        Harumpffff …. Donut yoo see mai hubba hubba smexiness!!

        1. Ai didded, yew smexy beesteh. ;)

          Naow shussh!

        2. Ai musta bin blindifyd bai it! Plz tu assept mai pollyjeez, an sum belleh rubs. ;-)

    1. Spot the Dot sez….iz nawt ai in dat pichur…..nope!!!

  13. aww – there she is, the little princess from ETTNL!!!
    :rufflols the Minnie mousie ears…:

    1. Teh princess goes PURRPURRPURRPURRRRR

  14. I wants tu kittynap #1.

    *resists urge tu yoink*

    1. Yoo kno kin haz!! I wanna dat wun ….

      *resists urge tu yoink*

      1. *runs in adn yoinks #1 befoar dey can gets dere* :razz:

        1. Hay! No yoinking teh prittee liddlol calicko! Izza sillybrayshun, u has to shayr!

          1. Aw shukks. *scuffs tow in teh dirt, puts pritteh calico bakk*

            1. Fankyoo, CB! Her hazza dislyk ob been pikked up, yoo noes. I has intel form berry ree lie bell sorsis!

              1. Hers hazza a berry fansea keebored bed furr her nappy napz!!

              2. Iz nawt maid ob warm, but still gud for sits an sleeps!

              3. da bumpitties gid a gudgud massaj ifinksew!

              4. So duz ai. We kalikoez ar sensitib dat way, ai gess.
                Sheez a beri pritteh wun, btw. Almoast as pritteh as me.

      2. Tehre woant bee enni kittehs lef tu naem sun – MQoS n mee haz awreddi yoinked teh tu in # 5 !

  15. Hmmm, I wonderz hoo teh prittee nawt-sekkund kitteh iz… *innosent fayce*

  16. *ahem* Mite Ai haz sum cheezadvice, plz? Ai’z sposed tu go tu a werk-related partee tewnite. Ai nawt liek werk-related fingz. Ai can stay heer insted adn tell tehm awl Ai awlreddy had (Cheez) partee planz? Otay? yooawl wuud vowch for mii? PLZ? Beesiydez, dere’s a sawft furree kitteh purring awn mai lap. Ai’s nawt going ennyware :?

    1. We will vowch for yoo. Ennywais, yoo has COL (cat on lap) adn ebrybunneh noes dat meens yoo has to stay rite ware yoo are. ;-)

      1. Yup — bean stukkified unner a cat an da purrfekkt eggskooz furr NEfink!

    2. Butt :!: yoo duz hab anuffer partee plannid!!

    3. sew if anewun asks negst dai sai “ai waz thare-an ai din’t cee yu thare….hmmmm”

    4. Deer Stoopy Werk Peeps,

      Ohai! ToonaJoosePlz no can kom tu yur stoopy partee tunite. Iz tawp seekrit misshun. Yoo nawt needs tu noez. Dis note will salf-poof in 3…2…1…



  17. Funn agen!!! Awl byootimuss :D

    Wun: ai dunno butt(!) yew kinda begs tu bii shmood

    Tew: kumfeh flannlol [waer *AM* nc, btw?????] & mz. Rabbit

    Fwee: himz lieks tu being inna way

    Foar: dunno, ai aer stumpifyd

    Fybe: fuzz chillunz

    Tix: sumbuddeh’s smexy boifwen

    1. Hüsker dü – Cheezland Annibirfaree Kitteh Edishun!!1!!

      Apololologies iffie ai speld Husker Du rong. ;)

  18. Hints:
    (1) Yu haz enuff in here alreddy bowt her
    (2) Have been in lols sepratly an tugevver, maked by multiplol peeps since is pics uv tehm in teh gallery
    (3) Royaltea
    (4) Her mom maked teh kwilt her am lying on
    (5) Srsly, yu has hints on them alreddy
    (6) Yu haz enuff hints in here alreddy bowt him

    1. pssst….eyez stil gessing. moor hintingz? oar eye’ll weight till u postify da korrect namez. ai thot ai wood kno moor den ai due. mi hubris, lettme sho you. i b umbeled.

      1. Moar hintings on which wuns?

        1. :oops: whisperz hoa bout 1 an 4 an 5 an 6?

          1. Ax Miss Angelina about 6 …

            1. Nummer 4’s dopplolganger wuz atta da pikkinikk yessterdae!

            2. Ai nawt tellin. Hims myne.

          2. (1) Am frum teh Netherlands an hazza tuxie big bruvver
            (4) Lukks lots lyk her hyoomin’s heart-kitteh whu was up berry resintly
            (5) Am Canajan kittehs
            (6) Hazza calico grrlfrend ;-)

            1. ai does need teh passyport too gets taht tiger bebbie nummer fyve!

          3. *runz bak 2 da gallry* maib bak inna wile. dese fotoz am sew numberous.

    2. Okay, numma Foar – chekka roonie.

  19. hmmmm… watt iz numba 4 hidin unda da rolled upz rug? maybi da goggie? *muffeled barkz, barkz halp, i’mstuk an da kitti wont mobe*

    1. Her iz jist kuller kooardinayted wif kwiltiee Nd linnOhleeum; iz awlso aN oargannizeD kitteh (hint, hint, hint!_

    2. Maybe hur iz hidin…

      Anudder kitteh
      Bags ob treets
      Catnip mousie


  20. taht not fird tuxie kitteh forgot his red button….boution….bootin……flour! Beeery hansim even wifout red flour!

    1. Aww… am dis der prom pikshur oar wedding dae?

    2. Red Flour!! Iz dat wot yoo ooze ta maek red belbet caek?

      1. CAEK! thare’s CAEK? Ware????

        1. AAIIYEEE! Hao can ai eggskayp teh stampeed to teh caek? *fink fink*
          :idea: * grabs a spork adn joyns in teh stampeed* :grin:

  21. Waydda minnit! Nawt sekkund kitteh am boopin hur own taylol!!! :D

    1. silleh kitteh!! She knoz dat she habs a beryy cootie tayle!!

  22. This am a B-I-I-I-I-G cloo, so I duz it rebersed so can reed it if yu wants but nawt so likely tu reed by aksident.
    ˙ʇsod sıɥʇ uı ɥɔǝǝ ǝɔunʍ ʇsǝǝl ʇɐ ƃuıɟɯns pǝs zɐɥ uʍoɥs sɥǝʇʇıʞ llɐ ʌn suıɯooʎɥ ɥǝ┴

    1. Ha HAAA – numma Wun, yew own-taylol boopin gurl, yew! ;)

    2. an whee awl has a big proud.

  23. We just had thunderings – gona has tu shut daon! (Sonya’s tuu, her am owt, eeek!) Back layter!

  24. Number to am habin a close relayshunship to a lovely Italyan foodstuffs… ;)

      1. Fink moar basic…

        1. and more sweet?

          1. less sweet, acshoolee.

              1. Fink moar basic an less sweet… *gigglols* I’ll be off soon, u’ll gets teh anser tomorry ;) {{{{{{{EM}}}}}}}}

              2. oh, an kwoysant am fronsh, too…

              3. *pouts* Nawt matters — Aye kno hoo she amz — i jest playin and bean silleh!!

              4. :oops: :oops: :oops: I has a sorree….

          1. Bagette am Fronsh…

              1. :lol: oh mai, like I cud tell apart diffrunt merry can regional foods! Nawt to blush, lubbly Elsa Mama, I just thot I’d menshun it.

              2. An, btw, it mite be stoopee Jurmins, as whut I consider Italyan mite nawt be dat strictly limited to Italy either… ;)

  25. This am comment 130 on this thred – witch puts it in teh top ten bizzy threds uv awl time so far, teh bizzyest since Lollowe’en, an alla teh uvver top ten am frum Aug an Sep just aftur Cheezland got fowndeded!

    1. Ai gess u can considering ur idea a suksess, den. Ofishilolly.

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