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  1. Ai ken awlmoast reech…

    1. Hii must B D jectD cuz hii cannawt reech wut hii wantz. Congaspotz, KmT.

      1. Adn tu yu – wee kan hazza tye!!

        1. Oops! Sew wii diD! Nebber notissed.
          Aim awf 2 beddy-bye. RL kiks butt tomor rowe.

  2. Monorayle kitteh hazza D jectD.

  3. ♫♪ Aiz juss a littlol blak spottid raaaayyn kloowwwwwd… ♪♫

  4. Butt(!) we alwais eets in teh trees. Whut yoo meens ai has to com daon dere to eets???

    1. Wut u meen dis nawt a tree?

  5. Sillybrayshun week starts tumawrow! *Haz an eggsytid!*
    Gawta rest up fur awl teh ufn! G’nite, peeps.

  6. Consul, the Almost Human

    The paw of friendship… I extends it

    1. Aksseptifyed. {{{ consul }}}

      1. Consul, the Almost Human


  7. Iz teh big hairie spydah gawn yet? Jus teh thawt’s curlin’ mai toenaylz……..

  8. “Hold on, you’ve got sumfing stuck between your toofs – let me help you with that”….

  9. Bbb
    ut Mom,I needs to go to baaffroom!

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