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  1. No, ob corss ai cannot moob…

    1. (mantari am findin it a bit diffycult to moob, too! Went on de big ‘City to Surf’ run in Sydney yesterday…ran de hole 14k, but am payin for it nao!)

      1. cngrtltns onna solo andonna 14k run mantari You rock!

      2. oops! nawt asolo butt )!!_ a tie wiv mack the knife!

      3. *sends Mantari a YNG-massoor*
        You’re welcome – you’ve earned it!!

        1. Oooh! fankees, nenne! *pooshes kitteh off teh tablol an prepares for teh YNG massoor to dew his fing*

  2. Wai yu setting up dat eezel? Iz nawt a fronch girl!

    1. Eben de lanscape outsyde luks a bit nood! (We hab a tye, jacknife!)

      1. Whee! Always gud tu haz cumpanee! :D
        Fetchiz teh asordid paystreez and martooneez.

    2. izza tie – congs jack

  3. Looks lyk our kind ov countree out there, calico-kitteh. Hawt adn dustee, wif greasewood adn sagebrush adn stuffs. *Hands kitteh some sunglasses for teh glare*

    1. Yup, looks like suthern New Mexico or Aridzona tu mii. *waivez fuzzy pawz tu deh west* Ohai, LD!! U b looking good dis morning!! :D

      1. *Waivez bakk tu teh SoufEEst* Ohai, mai Cween! Fanks, Ai’m glad yu likes mai new beerd-trim. (Ai goez to teh barber lookin lyk Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and tells ’em, “Make me look lyk Ben Bernanke.” Adn tehy tells me, “Yu needs a better tailor. Adn a new fais. Adn less belleh. Otherwise, no problem.” Adn tehy runs a #4 clipper all over my hedd till everything iz teh same length, ‘cept mai noes.)

        Yu looking pretti sharp yourslef todai, yur majestee. Ai loves yur sun-hatt wiff teh ribbands onnit. :D

  4. O mai! dat kitteh looks so comfy in hur hammock!! :D

    1. She duz! Ai wundered iffen it wuz a bebbeh chaynge tablol, or speshully for kittehs…

      1. Iz speshully fur kittehs wegardliss of wut hoominz fink. ;)

        1. *nods* Awl ur stuf am belong tu kitteh.

          1. An we iz glad fur it tu!

  5. If yoo cant turn teh a/c up tehn pleez tu turn daon teh sun !!

    1. *wabes to teh sowf* Ohai, pb! Ai wish sumwun cud turn de sun up in dese parts! Getting tired ob winter!

      1. *waves tu teh norf* Wuz owt awn a ried tuday despite teh fourcast … servs mee rite taht it rayned (wiv cawld n strawng winds) faw harf-an-ower :roll: !! Tehn wuz gud faw teh rest of teh day (Still cawld …Ai caonted 5 layers ai had awn mai chest :cool: )

  6. Ai thott ide lie heer faw a change :cool: !!

    ** Nope, doan eben TIHNK of tryeng taht :roll: **


    1. (Nd anuther crack at taht)

      I am a kitteh
      Sew yoo can try nd change mee
      Butt(!) yoo woant suckceed

  7. ohai cheezpeeps, chek owt googlol todai—Erwin Schrödinger!

    1. Fur ennywun whu cannawt see it (lyk me – stoopy Google) – parintly iz a static wun, not wunna teh silly active wuns, an yu can see what it luks like (along wif “Whu am tihs Schrodinger frood?”) here:

      1. Or, as mai clebber Seanya sez, go here and search fur (useful fur menny uvver fings, tu get arownd locale restrikshuns)

        1. ratz! mai werk fillter bloks proksies. ai kannot habe anee fun! (ai waz heded fore teh FB too get pikshers)

      2. Ohai Prysma n MQoS n Eberybunnee

        Ai wuz jus reedin on anuvva fred (nawt Cheezland) abowt teh google doodle n sumwun menshuned tehre taht u kudnt c it in VLC (an otter plaices tu).

        Sumwun (on taht fred) awlso posted tihs, witch maed mee laff n mite amews yu awl tu:

        1. *snicker*
          Mmm, Snickers… *brakes bar intu peeses an hands it rown*

  8. Werl, iffen ur tew cheep tew run teh ayre kondishuner u cud alwais fan meh wiv a palm frondz. An breeng meh an numbrella drinkee tew, wile ur upz.

    1. *playces order fur elebenty tuns of palm fronds an elebenty-free bokses uv lil drinkee umbrellas, fur teh beech / pool party sillybrayshun theem*

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