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  1. Ai shud finkso 2!

    1. Ime shockt, ai tell yu. Shockt !!

      Hee-hee, ohai n conferretations ;)

      1. Ohai an thx, PB!
        (dilai in anserin dyoo 2 resslin wiv cownsil websiet dat din’t liek Fyrefawks!)

        1. S’okay… ive bin getting Err_connection_refused frawm Cheezland awn n off !! (Doan kno if it’z sumfin ive dun :roll: )

          1. Puddy sed dat praps sum plug-inz aer missin an dat iz wye Ai vud nawt get froo awn Fyrefawks – but ebbrifin iz plugd in2 teh rite sokkits!

          2. I just checked – we’re occasionally pushing resource limits to teh limit, but in teh last 24 hours, we haven’t gone over them. Adn the host hasn’t had any issues that I know of.

            1. SO!!! It Iz sumpfink da PB did ….. Shaemez onna yoo PB. STAWP doin woteber dat Iz.

              1. Prolly mai overloded 9 yeer old lappytop, aifinkso :roll:

  2. oh mai

    and conga ferrets, ap and pb, on your tie for nawt seckond

      1. Puddy sez Ohai 2 u – him is geddin reddee 2 go bakk 2 him’s own howse.

        1. Teh bank lolloday am over !! ** Duz thoaz banks ever du enni werk ?? **

          1. Nawt a bank hololidai – him werks part-tiem.

    1. Shoor iz, Nenne !! Congas awn teh ufny capshen n FP ;)

  3. Sum peeplol, yoo cannawt take tehm enniware … tehy’ll

    ‘ang owt teh car windoze
    Berp twice a minnet after meels
    Cleen tehir teef at teh tayblol

    1. Drag the cat in
      Effectuated burps loudly
      Fart – nuff said….

      1. Gib a fense
        Hab a nastee smel
        Ingnoar u

        1. Juss be playn rood
          Keep pesterin yu
          Lowdlee showt abowt stuff

          1. Mind yoor bizzness faw yoo
            No thott; no thott at awl … *shakes hed*
            Open mouf wen it shud stay clozed

            1. Put ketchup on deh gormay meel
              Quak like a duk at ur muzzer
              Ruin awl ur fun

              1. Shout inna liebraree
                Throw dere trash onna street
                Uninvytidlee attend ur partee

              2. Verbly abyooz yor frenz
                Ware owt dere welkom
                X-amin dere belleh buttons in publikk
                Yell at teh teebee
                ZZZzzzz whilol yore talkin.

              3. Venting der gassiz
                Warshin – NAWT doinit
                Xtree loud atta dindinz tablol
                Yellin inna da haus
                Zebra roding froo da garden

              4. Yay! A dubblol finnish! :grin:

              5. Vascilate the vase vicariously
                Work hard at nothing at all….
                Xpect to just lay about…
                Yawn of boredum at your stories…
                Zzzzzzzz froo dinner at the in-laws

                But – he’s still a cutie!!!

              6. oops – that’s how long it took me to write this!!!
                *goes back, purrtending to wurk*

              7. Izza gudgud finnish! Nuffin rong wiffa freeway. :-)

  4. Ai wussent burping … ai wuz staring in amazemint at yoor ceeling :?

    * Wot IS taht up tehre? *

    1. Dat be teh hole fur Ceelin Cat. Iz a berry holee hole.

      1. Kompleet wif teh cherubik kittinz an barok skwirl werk.

          1. Datz wut teh lolcats sed.

            Wi at teh Feelynist Church ob Ceelin Cat prefur teh divyne Toona.

        1. who baroke deh skwirlz??

          1. Prolly teh Chippymunkz dem gize iz nuts!

  5. :lol: grate pixures an kapshun!

    Eructayting lyke a boss!

    1. :shock: Wash yore lankwidj, Tsk tsk!!!

      1. ohai CatBurgh & awl cheezpeeps. speeking uf lankwidj….sunnydai we went too mai pairients hawse too plai kards. at wun poynt ai joeking lie sayd “waht teh he!!”. mai 85 yeer awld mudder sed “watch yer mouf!”. (at leest she din’t add “goe too yur ruum” :D

        1. throes a ) up thair….

          1. I fought yoo wuz gunna sez dat yoo startid talkin lolspeech …..

          2. (Wun sneeky perk uv mod powrs, mqos – if yu rly wurried bowt stuffs, yu can edit own commints. ;-) )

            EM, aifotso, tu! (Inflight? Ottocorrekt adds hole new dimenshuns to lolspeek, aifinkso!)

            1. Inflight …??? Hoo sedid dat???? :D

        2. :lol: Ohai, maryqos! Yesh, ai wunst letted a badwerd owt adn my mum’s eyebrows wented up so ohai ai thot dey wud tuch teh ceiling!

          1. ai wudda ben bedder awf speeking teh lol!! oncet she swatted a frend (adult frend!) uf myne wif a rolled up noospaper at an auktshin fore useing teh CC nayme inn vayne (egg zample: “oh mai CC taht went cheep!”)
            Prysma-ai forgotted mai noo powers :)

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