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  1. Awl ob taht n moor, kitteh :D

    1. Congrats, PB!

  2. Doan’t wate fur me, kitteh!

    1. Nawt reddy tu run up teh blinds ?? No, mee neever ;)
      ** Duz the tie-wiv-anni dans dans dans **

    2. Ai aer nawt kwite reddee fur teh dai yet!

      1. I usually nawt reddy fur teh dai until the “moarning” part am ober, rly….

        1. I resemblol dat remark… *yawn* an dat’s teh mornin in merrycan thyme zones onlee… *yawn* oh mai…
          I’m still bizzy wiff teh “kwik-eazy-an-elligant” solushun dat mai colleague came up wiff yesserday. Furget about teh “eazy” part… :|

          1. Comin up wif ideaz am wun fing… teh imple… impul… teh akshul DUING uv tehm, nawt so much. {{{{{HCR}}}}}

            1. indeed… *fetches sum icecream to cool teh fried brains* u want sum?
              *sets out a plate of assorted ice creams* njoy!

              1. Ise creem fur brekfast?
                Oh, whai nawt!!!!
                *sets owt big bowls uv fresh strawbrees an green an red seedless grayps (lukks arown warily fur chipmunks) an sordid uvver froots, piles sum on teh ise creem*

              2. :lol: @ teh menshun of chipmunks :D (for anywun hoo missded it:

  3. A mawning kitteh meets a nawt-a-mawning hyoomin … iznut it awlwaiz teh way ??

  4. I will need a lot more caffeen b4 I kin doing awl dat!!!!

    1. no wonder – you’re up urly!!!
      hoep it snot the nose bugging you?!?

      1. Deh kitteh bois luv tu git mii up b4 dawn. :roll: And then they take naps. :mad:

        1. In teh nise wawm bed tehy maed u git owt uv (at leest, tahts whut mai tu du) !

          1. boi o boi dus taht sawnd liek awr hause-egg sept tahy due taht tew Mr. Casey & let mqos sleep-shoudn’t sniker…but….. :D :D :)

  5. Wut moar???
    Attack toes…
    Bolt accross the libbing rum
    Chase shadows

    1. Dans on humin’s bladder 2 wake dem up
      Eet crunchee bugs
      Fetsh awld smellee tois owt

    2. Danse in teh sunbeemz
      Eat gushifudz
      Finde teh dust bunnehz

      1. Grab deh Kleenex and run away (Topper duz dis)
        Hop Hop Hop!!

        1. Invite teh mowsie(s) up frum teh basemin tew plai
          Jump up awn beds, cownter, tables
          Katch teh red dot!
          Lie across teh key bored

          1. Meow till yoo give in
            Naw at yoor toze
            Open teh blinds (nawt sure hao :roll: )

            1. Pull ober teh wader boel
              Qwick awt teh dore-fore biddin at awr hawse
              Race unner hoomin feets-must be werking fore the ortha….arthro….otdoped…….bones docktur

              1. Skampurr wivakwikness
                Teeze teh goggie
                Ululate muchlee lowdlee
                Veggies, poosh dem inna garbije kan

              2. Wate til ebbriwun iz sleepin den maekin a beeg noyze
                Xpectin dore opnin at awl tiemz
                Yowlin awl nite
                Zzzzzin awn teh noozpapur

              3. kompleet apferbit-yay too zee~!!!

  6. Well, kitteh, we gotz anuvver name-teh-kitteh game comin up later tuday, wif ansurs tu Toonasday’s (an also, wun moar, tumorro)… uvver tehn taht, anywun wif enerjee still aftur yesserday can still host own annibirfary stuffs if tehy wants tu, but I srsly duzzint know if ennywun DUZ has any enerjees left aftur yesserday’s awsumness!!!!

    1. It wuz awsum, wuzn’t it!

      1. In ebree sense!!! *nodnods wiffavigruss* *yawns hyoojly* Uh, skyoos me…

  7. Funny funny capshun, GrammyOgg! Lub it! Reedz kitteh’s spreshun purrzaklee. :D

    Naow dis foan nawt letting boop wen ai press teh Boop buttons, sew f y’all i, ai whirr krakkin awp wiffie alfamabits ob fings kittehs du tew waekin us awp – troo troo doze! :D

  8. GrammOgg, hao am yew btw? Awl settloed in yur noo digs? :D

    Wiining ober enneh conburts tew Cheezland ober dair?

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