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  1. Au iz teh reel fing!

    1. Teh genyoowin articlol eeben! Congrats anni!

      1. Thx ‘Niser! An congrats 2 u awn teh LOL!

  2. Uh breef historee ob teh LOL foar doze hu nawt noze: Ai maid dis bak doorink teh referee stryke lass fawl. Teh refs foar teh Nashunal Footbawl Leeg in teh Yu Ess wenn awn stryke, an wutt a feeyasko!! Teh reeplaycemints wer teh horriblol. Dat iz Y dis kitteh iz nawt happee wen sum idyet sez “R yu wun ob doze replaycemint refs?”

    1. Thx fur teh eggsplanayshun!

    2. oh, i see

      here in TTI, we does not has refs what wears b&w stripes (although i knows enough about sports in the US to know that the b&w stripes is traditional)

      teh football (soccer) refs here usually used to wear plain black, but it’s not always as simple as that now.

      from our purrspective, kitteh looks more like a newcastle player or fan in this shirt – and i thought he was complaining that he’s a sunderland suppurter (sunderland are local rivals to newcastle, and are known as the black cats – more here )

      1. and that’s before i noticed teh whisslol…

      2. Yesh, yesh, dat iz Y ai inkloodid teh eggsplanayshunz! Iz wunnermuss dat we can has sutch an inner nashunal commyoonitee heer, butt (!) we awl has teh kulcheral diffrensiz, aifinkso!!
        Ai wuz watching teh dah Q menterrie abowt fuutbawl in Spane. Whoa, iz berry diffrent frum heer!

  3. 15 yards for nail clipping. :mad:

    1. Fibe yardz foar holding.

      1. Half teh dis danse for nom inter fear ants.

        1. U izz ejektified foar nawt piling awn moar uf dem shwimpz inna mai bole!!

          1. :roll: Just tryin to prevent unnecisary fluffness.

  4. Yer OWT !! Start wawkin’ !! ** Mai noms bowl needs a refill sew hed taht way, plzthx **

  5. Donut complaying. if deh stripes ran deh ozzer way u wud looking like a jailbird. :cool:

  6. Pajama partee on teh nekst lol!

    Find yur PJs! Fink uv campfire songs an storees tu tell! Bring yur pillols! Rownd up teh junk fuds!

    1. I rekommend CHRGs, as well…

      1. *rummages fur ehd Cheezland monogrammed pjz I gotted frum WRr*

        *tosses skarfz, mittenz, sockz, bootz, basebawl mitt, bunny slipperz owt uv clozit*

        AHA!!! Heer dey am!!!
        *putz on pjz and modelz in frunt uv meerawr.*

        Lubblee!!! :D

        1. Hm… we need sumfing, gotta run fur a few… probly gonna be a few minnits late fur teh pajama partee. Go ahed an start wifowt me (if ennywuna m still awayk ennyway!), will be back wifakwikness!

          1. Heerz the warmupz foar the PJ partee.


            Whar am Red?

            1. NO!!! Am a PJ Partee — Nawt a nekkid NB Partee (dat partee iz durin da midnite LOL…. )

              1. Butt Ai alwaiz warez mai burfdai soot intead uf PJz.

              2. Hmmmmmm…. I fink den yoo well hab to run froo da paddlol line … yup yup yup!!

        2. *wolff wisslolz*

          Hay der babby!! Lookin GUUUUUUUUUD!

    2. Ai gotz mai jammies, but ai needs tu getting cleen afore ai putz dem awn… back in a fyoo…

      1. Hrm … shee mussta falled inna da Gwac hoel wiffy AP, CB and Ladykitty — I winner iff she needs a washy washy swishy swishy??

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